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SSID that stands for Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs is one of the best interior design firms to hire the top office interior designer based in New Delhi & NCR region in India. Get a new look of your office with us.

Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs is a new dynamic in the interior designing and exterior design space and creates a design by integrating the science of space, its effective utilization, and artistic design.

Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs has been incepted to create energized living spaces for new age offices in alignment to end user lifestyle requirements as well as business habitats that align to the needs of the company’s business result orientation and its internal and external customer work environment needs.

With experience in designing and executing luxury living habitats, energized retail spaces and brand theme based office environments across Delhi NCR and other big cities in India, Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs assist end-users and  brands to plan the design, interior decor and furnishing of their working spaces to reflect the persona of the individual or the organizations brand ethos.

In this new era, when it comes to designing retail environments and corporate environments, there is a dire need to stamp the individual’s lifestyle personality, or companies brand imagery and work culture in its work spaces thus creating a signature style statement. When it comes to the best interior designing of professional environments, Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs assists organizations and firms stand apart in their competitive environments as well as help create productive and energy efficient working environments.

Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs utilizes its scientific analytical tools and it’s communication design experience to understand the interior design and decor needs and that assist in the designing, constructing and building interior or exterior spaces wherein the basic principles of design like Balance, Movement, Proportion, Nature & Uniqueness results in the making of energizing environments.

How is Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs different from other office interior designers?

We do office interior designing and decor services scientifically! With the assistance of our predictive behaviour research tool mind-mapping tool, we understand the ‘thought streams & personality pattern’ of our clients, their habitat needs, their lifestyle demands along with their functionality requirements. When it comes to corporate office interior design and decoration, we understand the sensibilities of the business needs and business goals scientifically by mapping the internal and external business influences. Using these mind mapping insights; the creative team conceptualizes the architecture structure, space planning, furnishing layout, office interior design and interior decor imagery theme.

On attaining client consensus, team of Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs proceeds to execute the interiors and exteriors of the interior design projects. Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs have a captive execution team of top office interior designers that has the experience to attain a 100% replication of the client approved design! These are the reasons why clients prefer to work with Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs – a leading interior design & decor firms in Delhi NCR for big office spaces & corporate houses across India.

Our job isn’t to dictate your style but to discover it. When we meet, there is a sharing section of your ideas and thoughts that happen with our highly trained design analysis professionals. This is a brainstorming session where we evaluate the architectural, interior designing or interior decor project with your vision. This is the stage where we strategically extract inputs from you, for us to get a great foundation of knowledge to begin with.

Given below are few snapshots of our office interior designing services done for different corporate office interior designing projects in India:

Explore more by visiting our commercial or office interior design projects section or pay a visit to our social media channels especially Instagram and Facebook for a visual glance of some of our best office interior designing skills.

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