DaButterfly is a luxury furniture brand from Shruti Sodhi. Luxury furniture in the past used to be more about the name and the most expensive materials, but today the term “Luxury” is more complicated than that. Luxury comes from the experience rather than just the name. It goes beyond the mere name, it is an amalgamation of fabric, design, and the durability that gives the sense of luxury.

DaButterfly, appropriately named, represents endurance, change, hope, and life. We customize each design to best fit the client’s aesthetics and needs. We do not restrict designs or ideas on the basis of one typology. Covering a multitude of styles we ensure the furniture gives the client a luxurious experience. This beautiful brand also acts as a powerful transformation in your life. It effectively helps you metamorphose your life into a beautiful new form.

If anyone is in any need of premium furniture for interiors that can essentially transform their life into luxury, look no further. DaButterfly from the house of luxury interior design company – Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs strives to meet the client’s needs in every way, shape, or form. We do not just meet the physical needs but delve deeper to match the psyche of the user. Pay a visit to our social media channels especially Instagram and Facebook for a visual glance of few examples of our highly demanded samples of luxury furniture under the brand-tag of “DaButterfly”.

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