Top 5 Kitchen Design Ideas for Homes with Space Constraints

Giving a snazzy look to your house is not an easy task. From the bedrooms and bathroom to the kitchen and balconies, you need to pour the creativity at each corner of your house. If your new home has a small kitchen and you are struggling to modify its obtuse look, then you certainly need an experienced interior designer to turn your tiny kitchen space into a vibrant-looking one.


Hire a well experienced interior designer who might help you in getting a better understanding of the layout and adding a unique style to your kitchen. Metro-cities of India has many such interior designing companies that can effectively serve your needs. But before hiring them, you must get some creative ideas to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen. Here is the list of the most innovative interior design hacks for the home having small space for the kitchen area. Follow the best suitable kitchen ideas for you out of these 5 and get an adorable kitchen within reasonable cost.


  1. Kitchens with White Coloured Walls

Kitchens with White Coloured Walls - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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Most of the shades might be too stark for the kitchen walls. Hence, a broken white or white could be the best alternative when you want to give a soothing look to the walls. You might have seen the white coloured kitchen walls in most of the houses. A lot of interior designing companies in India seem to be obsessed with this idea. It is because of the spacious look it imparts to your kitchen without stealing away the style.


  1. One-Wall Kitchens

One-Wall Kitchen - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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If you have ever been to a studio apartment, you will get this idea as soon as you start with your small kitchen designs exploration. Single wall designs are the most compact layout which can save humongous space in your kitchen. It not only cut down majorly on the manufacturing cost but also serve as a stylish alternative to the traditional kitchen design.


  1. Gallery Kitchen Designs

Using Gallery of the small house as a Kitchen - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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With its contemporary style and compact layout, galley kitchen has emerged as a preferable option in the world of interior designing. However, many people object to its cave like structure. If you eliminate the upper cabinetry, it can add some space to your small kitchen design. Most of the interior decorators especially from India who can provide you with a better understanding of this style. It is always exciting to try something new with your home interiors, and kitchen could be the best place to kick-start your experimentation journey.


  1. U-Shaped Kitchens

Interior of U-Shaped Kitchens - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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Small kitchens can benefit from this horseshoe design in numerous ways. Most of the interior design companies go for this look as it facilitates the smart use of the minimal space. The U-shaped kitchens have the windows at the U end. This forms a perfect spot for the wash area. The most significant advantage this design provides is the maximum movable space to carry out your kitchen work. You can further complement it with wooden textures and counter-tops.


  1. Kitchens With Open Shelves

Interiors of a kitchen having open shelves - Shruti Sodih Interior Designs

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If you want to create additional space in your kitchen, open shelves can serve the purpose well. You can use this shelves to store several utility items such as crockery and cutlery sets. So, now you can bid goodbye to all the storage-related issues that trouble you now and then.


Apart from following the above ideas, you can always modify the kitchen look by systematic storage and clean floors. The kitchen forms a crucial part of your home and experimenting with its look once in a while might save your interiors from getting outmoded.

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