Top 3 Ideas to Make Your Small Balcony a Wonderful Space of Your Home

An image to depict the nice interior designs by Shruti Sodhi Inteiror Designs

Generally balcony area in a home consists of a small platform on the outside of a building, enclosed by dividers or balustrades and accessible from an upper-floor window or door. In some case, it is also supported by columns or console brackets.

No matter the size, design or placement of the balcony area in your home or apartment, there are many solutions to make it look awesome. Trust us, it can work wonders if you give it the desired beauty.

Usually it is believed that a terrace or a patio comes with features of offering additional recreation space in the home and balconies cannot be compared to such spacious areas. However, there are plenty of ideas in which even a small balcony can turn out to be an extremely wonderful and relaxing space of your home. Making use of balcony, whether it is large or small, creates a magnificent link between the indoor and outdoor space of your home.

Sounds exciting, isn’t it?

Here are the top three ideas to make your small balcony a wonderful space of your home-

  1. That heavenly corner
    Yes, you can create your peaceful corner with a chair and few bright coloured cushions. A simple chair with bright cushions, surrounded with plants and flowers makes this simple corner look serene. It can turn out to be the best relaxing retreat or a place to enjoy your coffee. You can also glam it up with wooden furniture and other decor pieces.

The Heavenly Corner in a balcony interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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  1. A stroke of makeup with plants & garden
    Bring your balcony to life by making a garden in it. Go for vertical planting or plant pots along the railing. Especially the hanging pots that not only look good but also will make your balcony look more spacious and neat. These pots can also be placed near the railing, on the table or can be hung from the ceiling too. Earthen pots, wooden accents, fresh plants and that greenery will make your space look vibrant and fresh bridging a connection between your home and nature.

    You can also paint the flower pots in bright colours to add a lively and vibrant look to your balcony.

An image to show how to use plants and gardens effectively to enhance the look of your balcony

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  1. Flooring – step into awesomeness
    If well roofed, you can choose a wooden flooring for your balcony which looks classy and natural. You can also use tiles to recreate the look. In addition, if you want this space to be cozier, you might just want to put a rug and beautify it with placing a few cushions around. You can opt for an artificial grass carpet for the flooring purpose to make it easy to handle.

An image to depict the nice flooring - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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In order to create such a visual extension of your indoor space you can also alter the dimensions of the balcony space, for example you can consider using less deep seats with under set storage and maximize the use of space.

Though it is harder if not impossible to give a touch of professional interior work if you try to implement all of these ideas yourself especially wooden flooring. So it is better to consult any renowned interior designer of your area for easy and well execution. You can find well experienced interior designers in almost all the big cities wherever real estate is in progressive state. South Delhi area in the capital city of India is one such example along with other metro cities.

Aren’t these beautiful ideas for decking up your balcony? Add your views in the comment section.

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