Top 10 Tips to Decorate Your Home This Rainy Season

Decorate Your Home This Rainy Season - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

We all count our time by the passing holidays and seasons in a year! We call a place “home” where we experience all four seasons and spend all precious moments with our loved ones. However, it is not easy to keep the home rejuvenating and alive throughout the year. It is the reason that I keep adding ever changing and new touch every year during rainy and winter season. I think it is a festive and beautiful way to celebrate every day of life! Let’s take a look at easiest interior decoration tips to adorn your home this rainy season and that too without breaking your bank.

Ideas to Spruce up your Home this Rainy Season

1. Use more white, less red

As we all know, August is the start of the festive season, and it goes throughout the winter months. So stay away from dark hues especially red. Most of top interior decorators always suggest using a more subdued palate without trying to be a particular day of the year.

2. Add some fresh greenery

It is always refreshing to have nature around us! Try to incorporate natural elements throughout your home. The first place you should start with is foyer or outside the entrance door of the house. You can even use large tropical leaves set in water that is easy to replenish and last for a week.

3. Bring in warm metallic

Add some warmer and muted tones on your walls such as platinum and bronze that will last longer and goes well with almost every interior.

4. Anchor smaller objects with a try or throw

If you are using more of small items as part of your interior decoration plan, then try to use a fur throw or try below such articles just to avoid your place appear cluttered.

5. Embrace candlelight and faux fur

Add the scent of warmth in your winter season home decor project by investing in candlelight and incorporating faux fur into your home.

6. Use seasonal pillows

It is an excellent and profitable idea according to interior designers. Buy pillow and cushion covers in seasonal motif and colours will give your furniture a new and fresh look.

7. Layer your seasonal decor

If you have taken the seasonal decor project seriously, then make it little more interesting by adding some layers to them. For instance, use a combination of blue and green in solid colours in alternative cushions and include a printed throw of the same colour on the side of them.

8. Do not overlook the fabric and pattern

No matter what colours you are using and how many layers you are planning to add, having right fabric and pattern in place can make a lot of difference.

9. Do not overdo it

It is not necessary that you follow all these tips in coming winter season only. Wisely use the combination of these ideas to give your interiors a bright and balanced spruce up. Whether you love the rains in Delhi or just adore the smell of it, keep it simple to enjoy the feeling.

10. Do what you love

The final tip from Shruti Sodhi – one of the best interior decorators in Delhi is to “do what you love.” Now, you have read all these exciting winter season home decor tips. Plan and implement all the knick-knack that you want in your home and make it a place that should reflect you!

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