10 Ideas That Can Shift Your Home Decor towards the Modern Side

Everyone loves to own a space that exhibits itself as the perfect epitome of the ultra-urban scenario. There can be nothing better than a well-crafted home that looks like a celebrity home flash in! Well if you also dream of owning a home that looks like professionally designed one by any of the top interior designing firms in Delhi NCR, then here is some good news!

Get ready for tons of modern decor inspiration, because we have brought to you an incredible guide that can lead you through the oath of transforming your home completely and that too for the good. Let’s dive into:

  1. Glam in white

Well you can’t always stick to the vibrant hues. Sometimes you also need a tint of the neutral shade as well. Throw a paint of white and make contrasting shades of grey or black complement with it as in the below image. Do it and you will find the look of your home totally transformed towards the more modern side.

A bedroom with Black & White colour theme - SSID

  1. Modern is the new feminine

Do you want a more feminine shade for your bedroom or you just want to play with the lighter tones and don’t want to make your home look like a doll house? If yes then you can always play with shades of peach or pink as in the picture and indulge complementing decorative with it. You will see how feminine, modern and attractive the overall setup will appear.

Room decoration based on Peach colour theme - SSID

  1. Consider the minimalistic theme

The easiest and the most evident way of making your home more modern is following the minimalistic theme. Follow the theme while adding decor and furniture along with the flooring as per the demand of the theme and you can make your home look more modern.

Bedroom following minimalistic decor theme - SSID

  1. Adding texture is important

Don’t make the space look bland to make it look modern. Adding a pinch of texture does no harm when it is about the living rooms or the boring walls in your home waiting to get explored. Add contrasting texture as in the mage and your monotonous home will also look extravagant.

Bedroom interior with pinch of texture - SSID

  1. Don’t forget the centrepieces

Always use centrepieces like a giant vase or a sculpture in your home or even paintings on the wall as in the image if you want your guests to stay hooked with the excellent interior in which you have put your blood and sweat. Don’t forget the saturation shades and pair accordingly with the rooms.

Living room interior with centrepieces - SSID

  1. Refined classic can also be modern

If you want your home to look more modern then you can also renovate your old classic home and replace the old additives with some brand new furniture and lighting or even the pillow and sofa covers that can add the modern flair. Why spend so much?

Modern bedroom decor mixing classic with modern interior themes - SSID

  1. One large decorative piece is enough

Just place one large distracting piece (like the abstract wall hanging in the picture) in a vacant room, add two to three utilities and Voila! The room is more of an abstract modern decor piece!

Large room decor with abstract wall hanging - SSID

  1. Did you ever try the jewel tone?

Fold your sleeves and start experimenting because the jewel tone can be an exquisite addition to your brand new modern home. If you don’t believe it then see it in the image!

Modern home decor around jewel tone - SSID

  1. Painting, painting on the wall!

If you have absolutely no decorative pieces or you can’t afford to blow all your money on a pricey centrepiece then you can always opt for several small paintings that are arranged as in the image.

Several small paintings for living room decor - SSID

  1. Lighting is important

Take care of the lighting if you are designing a modern home. Choose some quirky pieces or if possible buy some giant bar light pieces to make your home look extra modern.

Giant bar light pieces for home decor - SSID

Rethink what modern means

Think above the surface façade and you will surely be able to design your home professionally just like one of the top home interior designers. Most people think that modern rooms are cold and they lack personality. But this isn’t true because modern rooms are inviting warm and most of the times downright cozy.

But to make your room modern and to indulge all the qualities that you see here in it, one thing that you surely need to consider is the above mentioned guide on how you can shift a more classic home towards a more modern appearance.

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