Best Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room: A Quick Look

Best Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room - Interior Designing Tips by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designer

Believe it or not, dorm room is one of the most important places of a home. Let’s take a quick look at how we can make it more visually appealing.

Iron Transfer Floral Duvet

Instead of spending money on a brand new duvet, just consider redoing your old one with this new technique. Put your printer to noble use and make your bedclothes more gorgeous with printable iron-on decals! Go with classic floral design or choose something even more “you”.

Make your own wall photo murals

Murals on walls make for a good designing for your dorm room. Make sure you do that. Put the wall to a better use by painting some good murals of your choice. Nice bright scenery can make the walls.

Line up bookshelves with coloured tape

Using coloured washi tapes for decorating bookshelves at dorms is a great idea. Line up bookshelves with coloured tape and see the wonder yourself. Like painter’s tape, it is easily removable, leaves no residue. This implies that it’s perfect for temporarily decorating a lacklustre dorm space or even any furniture.

Personalize your dorm room

The key to a proper dorm room designing is to personalize it completely. Personalizing will make the designing better and make the dorm room look cozier. Home interior designers can be approached for this task without a second thought, if possible!

Consider covering a brogue wall with some changeable wallpaper, or using it to cover your chest drawers. On the other hand, glasses or mirrors are a great way to offer your dorm room a sense of space and light so you can choose to cover one wall with framed mirrors. If you do not want to drill holes in the walls, opt for decorative peel-and-stick mirrors.

If you have someplace left to safely store that utilitarian dorm furniture, replace a few superfluous or undesirable items with things that you really love.

Use multi-functional furniture

Judicious use of multi-functional furniture is also a good interior decorating idea for dorm rooms of your home. Multi-functional furniture ensures a lot of space and this aspect, in a way enhances the usable space within the dorm. Therefore, the use of multi-functional furniture is highly recommended. With the help of interior decorators, this task can be made easier and the appeal will be eye catching.

Opt for soft light and use lighter shades of colours

Use of light colours on the walls and even soft lighting is a good way of decorating your dorm room. It has been now a proven fact that, lighter shades of different colours on walls add on the beauty of a room – whatever be it – a living room or a dorm room.

Use shades like beige, lighter version of lemon yellow or a very light version of green for the walls with the help of interior designers. And use white or light yellow colour for lamp shades and electric bulbs. Delhi’s temperature is hot for most part of the year, hence considering these wall shades can give your entire family and home a cooler feel inside.

This way, it will not only add on to subtle beauty but also add on to the illuminating factor as well.

Engaging yourself on the interior decor of your dorm room is an exciting task and if done well, the overall decor of your dorm will turn out to be really great. In most of the big cities like Delhi or Mumbai you can find some of the top home interior designers. If possible, try to approach them to come across all the further useful information.

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