Where Oversized Pieces can Add Flair to Your Interior Decor

Everyone wants to be an attention seeker and if love to be one or if you want your interiors to get more noticed then you can always use the oversized pieces that you used to think trash before. Fewer people know that too often in interior designing the term oversize isn’t referred to as extra but it is used to throw some extra sass. Most home interior Designers in Delhi use the oversized concept to make the interiors stand out and the best part is that this thing works and to be very specific, this works almost every time!

If you don’t get the concept of oversize or if you think that it would be way too much then here are some ideas that are probably going to stun you. Look through.

  1. A painting once, is a painting forever

This is the easiest way to use the oversized pieces in your living space without thinking twice. Even if you don’t want to buy one, you can print one basic pattern or design on a giant size frame on the wall and that will look spending. You can also use a bit of your creativity and use the minimalistic patterns on a life-size sheet, frame it and use it on your wall. Isn’t that a pocket-friendly and amazing idea?

Interiors with a big painting - SSID

  1. Have Old Stuff? Reuse and Renovate

A lot of people never use the old stuff that they had. Old broken stuff can be modified and used in great ways to use as oversized pieces in your home. Even if you don’t go for the DIY ways you can always take the help of professional designers to reuse your old pieces as oversized centerpieces of your home. Take the case of a guitar! You can use it as a shelf if you modify it or even if you don’t you can simply use it as an item of decoration that you can brag on.

A big guitar used as a part of interior - SSID

  1. Oversized Clocks can be fun to experiment with. Add one

Do you think that the sole purpose of a clock is to tell time? If yes then you are mistaken because clocks can be largely used as decorative pieces. Especially the life-size clocks can be more fun to use. People will be amazed when they enter your living room and see a clock equal to the size of your wall.

An oversize clock can be a part of interior - SSID

  1. Heard of Oversize Vases? Use them

Among all the oversized decorative that you are talking about, vases can probably the most basic, versatile and delightful decorative thing that you can use in your interior designing. Use the giant vases as empty showpieces, or place plants and flowers in it and you will be amazed!

Use of oversize vases as a part of interiors - SSID

  1. Start Illuminating!

You can also use large chandeliers and bar lights in your living room or dining room to make yourself more comfortable and your surroundings brighter. You can always implement this light strategy and you will found yourself in a completely new horizon of interior designing that welcomes you with wings wide open.

Used large chandeliers as a part of interiors - SSID

The bottom line

Sometimes all you need to be in the flash is just a bit of attention and these oversized pieces that we discussed above can surely bring the right amount of limelight to your home. Ditch the fear of being a complete embarrassment as you start playing with the oversized pieces because with above mentioned specific tips and with the right ideas from the interior designing firms in Delhi NCR you can surely get the ideal interiors about which everyone would be talking in the town sooner or later.

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