Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2021 That You Need to Embrace

When people were confined within the four walls of their abodes, outdoor space seemed to be the new hype where people posted their Instagram selfies. Starting from taking a stroll in their landscaped gardens, enjoying rains in well-decorated balconies, growing herbs on the patio for homemade meals to hosting barbecue sessions in beautifully designed terraces, outdoor spaces seemed to steal the decor limelight.

If you plan to be a part of the trend then renovation with the right furniture is the key. Make your outdoor arena evolve into a comfy and well-equipped extension of your home by purchasing the right outdoor furniture. To help you with your renovation work, here are some outdoor furniture trends in 2021 based on the suggestions of some of the best interior designers in Delhi. Dive in!

  • The rustic vogue

Well, some interior designers have joined the beige movement because it is simplistic, swanky, and of course versatile. When you are trying to install outdoor furniture, then the first thing that you need to look for is sustainability. The bitter truth is that your patio furniture will be more exposed and hence more vulnerable to wear and tear and so you need to get furniture that can withstand the weather or can be easily replaceable. This rustic contemporary design is the epitome of beautifully complementing earthy tones with some beige cushions. The candle on the side table and the coffee table are simple as well. Recreate this look or innovate something new that matches your style.

Outdoor furniture of rustic contemporary design - SSID

  • The Scandinavian eclectic

Scandinavian themes are an excellent way to add an inspiring appeal to your outdoor space. To create a Scandinavian look get furniture that is more on the contemporary side. Even simple benches with a wooden plank for the arm can be fitted with a mesh for giving it a snazzy touch. Add a few ottomans or poufs and of course some greens and throws along with some layered home improvement accessories to complete the look. In the picture the furniture is adorned with different tones of grey, however, you can use blue, yellow, or even black and white.

Scandinavian themes based outdoor furniture - SSID

  • The meshed minimal

The mesh style furniture has been in trend since time immemorial. Especially the ones that give a more barn-like or old-world feel are the personal favorite of many people. Take inspiration from the picture if you are thinking about investing in this sort of furniture. Add one large sofa and other small pieces for seating arrangement. In addition, add a round coffee table and some other round side tables for creating space for your accessories.

The mesh style furniture - SSID

  • The swing hype

People absolutely love a swing on their porch when it’s breezy outside or when the weather is clear. It adds more of a Bohemian effect to the overall decor while you bring your home an eccentric statement piece. Swing is one of the most undermined pieces of furniture because it is sustainable, inexpensive, pretty, and yes fun! You can get a rope swing as in the picture or you can get yourself the metal ones that are a bit pricey. The choice is yours!

Swing hyped outdoor furniture - SSID

  • The blend of wood and metal seating arrangement

If you want an adorable small space for your dining date or a sweet little space for your family to dine outside, then you can use a blend of wood and metal to create the perfect seating arrangement. For that, you need to have a large seating area. Reinvent it by placing some comfy cushions, pillows, throws. Get a foldable deck chair some metal chairs and you will be all done. Organize this arrangement amidst the greens with your favorite food, your choice of serving China, some candles, and yes your loved ones and it would seem like having a picnic.

Outdoor furniture blend of wood and metal - SSID


As with the rest of the house, your patios, porches, and balconies are versatile enough to accommodate your ideas. Outdoor spaces are happening because they make you feel relaxed and they invoke in you a sense of tranquillity. Especially if you are an avid traveler who is stuck inside his home, the outdoor spaces can feel like bliss by following outdoor furniture trends 2021. Hire a well-experienced luxury interior decorator nearby you and convert your non-functional, mundane space into a luxurious outdoor space with a magical charm.

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