Organize Your Living Room with Creative Furniture Alignments

The living room can be synonymously used as the face of a home. There is no dissenting from the fact that living rooms serve as main gathering areas for family and guests who come over to your place. Therefore it should be kept organized with the best possible layout and decor ideas.

Experiment with the alignment of furniture in your living room and creating a polished layout isn’t as easy as it seems. But over the years, top interior design firms have handpicked a few simple, easy-to-use principles that can work. Follow these rules and you will find out that arranging furniture isn’t so spooky after all.

1. Pick a focal point

Picking a focal point in the living room is the first step of seating or furniture alignment. Sometimes they may seem to be evident like if you have a fireplace mantel as shown in the picture or a prominent window, but at other times you might need to find or create them on your own.

A room with a prominent window - SSID

A room with fireplace mantel inside - SSID

2. Thumb rule of seating

The thumb rule of seating says that your furniture should be never pushed against the wall. Even in a small space, you need to give your furniture a little breathing space. Besides you can also use the space behind for storage and wall décor as shown in the picture and this can make your living room look more spacious.

A living room with prominent window - SSID

3. Conversation areas are the key

Sofas and chairs should be positioned to face each other so people can stay close enough to converse without raising their voices or having to crane their necks.

A living room with right arrangement of sofa & chair - SSID

4. Find the balance of shades

Even while arranging furniture, considering the colour contrast and saturation equally important as while decorating other parts of your home, so consider the shades. Look at the picture and see how different shades of blue are incorporated with the perfect balance to draw some inspiration for your living room.

Attractive decoration of a living room with different shades of blue color - SSID

5. Did you consider the traffic flow?

While arranging your furniture, one thing that you need to take care of at first is that people don’t trip over the furniture. Make sure that there are a couple of feet, or you can say, a few inches distance between the coffee table and the sofa. You can sue an area rug or just a clear plan to make a path so that people can walk freely without tripping often.

Furniture arranged in a large living room - SSID

6. A big coffee table can make all the difference

A large coffee table in the mid-seating area is good for both functionality and aesthetics. This not just leaves plenty of space for you to showcase your favourite accessories but it also acts as an anchor for the room.A living area with a vast coffee table - SSID

7. Tables should be placed at arm’s length

Seating arrangements that force people to move from their seats to retrieve drinks or set down are perplexing. So every seat should have easy access along with having the height that is approximately the same as that of a chair/sofa.

Table placed at the center of sitting arrangement inside the living area - SSID

Undoubtedly certain confusions and issues might arise when you try to arrange furniture in your living room, but you can always draw inspiration from the above-mentioned tips and transform your living room into a complete masterpiece.

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