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The regular changing scenario of the business world has given rise to many new ventures in the designing community. Every year various designers come up with bold, unique and pleasant designs to give a new look for your home and office. Indeed, interior designers own huge talent and creativity to deliver the best design ideas. Moreover, if you rope in an experienced professional, the chances of transforming their imaginations to reality rise to manifolds.

Top most Interior designers in Delhi and their services:

logoDelhi is home to the top most interior designers who can make your office and home the envy of everyone’s eyes. Their designs reflect the mixed traditions of Delhi city. Moreover, you can always find top office Interior designers of Delhi who hold credible expertise in both the traditional and contemporary styles of interiors. While you hire any of these talented professionals, you can expect a bouquet of services from them, such as:

  • Color styling and Home accessorizing
  • Turnkey services for commercial, residential and office spaces
  • Home Theater Designing
  • 3D Interior designers

Principles of interior design: Good interior designers prefer keeping in the six principles of interior design. This helps them avert costly mistakes and get that flawless look of your home. These include:

  • Unity: In order to give an integrated appeal to a home all spaces must be unite.
  • Balance: Balance in interior designing refers to placing of objects in such a manner that creates a balance.
  • Rhythm: Rhythm in interior designing forms due to repeating patterns and design elements of a space.
  • Contrast: Contrast in the form of use of available space, form and colour creates a long lasting visual impact.
  • Emphasis: Elements of interior designs such as colour, form and texture are use for a great extent in order to lay emphasis on the central point or object.
  • Scale and Proportion: Small sized filling in a large room tells about the inappropriate scale of objects whereas proportion refers to the size of an object in relation to the size of another object in a space.

Interior designing process involves strategic planning, renovating interiors, drawing, working with architects, electricians and plumbers. In order to provide a safe and secured living place that is visually appealing to the eyes, some key elements need to be considered, such as:

  1. Space: It is the most basic element of interior designing and includes floor, walls, doors and windows, ceiling, and supporting structures like-beams.
  2. Texture: The best way to give a space an interesting look is to take care of texture, which comprises fabrics, wallpapers, cushions etc. It also helps in balancing like. For instance, rough texture helps in balancing the natural light in a bright room, smooth and shiny texture are use to balance the light in a dark room.
  3. Light: We all are aware with the importance of light whether it is in daytime or night. Some lights for example- Task light and accent lights, are effective in setting the look of your space or highlight a piece of art in the room.
  4. Colour: Different colors can transform a dull and light room into an exciting one. For instance, some vibrant and neutral colors provide calmness to mind.
  5. Form: It is another significant element of interior designing which includes the shape of the room and the objects it contains.


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