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Lighting – An Integral Part of Interior Designing

A glimpse of Home Interior Designing Work to show the importance of Lighting in interior designing by leading interior designer Shruti Sodhi

When it comes to interior designing, lighting is most certainly one of the things that shouldn’t be left for “afterwards”. If not more, it should be given, equal attention-to-detail like acquiring expensive furniture as it aggrandises the essence and presence of an interior, whether it is a matter of residential interior designing or for a commercial interior designing.

Here are a few different types of lighting which can set the mood right and enliven the space with warmth, style and functionality.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting fixtures like track, recessed and wall-mounted lighting are best used to showcase the art or cherished possessions placed in an interior. These not only create an aura but are also practical and functional.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient or general lighting can be coupled with ceiling or wall lights, chandeliers, lanterns, recessed or track lighting to offer illumination which is amiable to the eyes. Having such fixtures as a central source in all rooms is a great way to go about when chalking out a lighting plan.

Task lighting

Fixtures placed on study tables and by the bed are known as task lighting. A few examples of such a source of light include portable desk and floor lamps, pendant, track, under-cabinet lighting, etc.  These should be bright enough so that the eyes are not strained and free from distracting glares.

Selecting the right kind of lighting for an interior is rather a tricky task as it has to match the functionality requirements and complement the room’s size, layout, colour and decor. When picked correctly, it can also create an illusion and make a small room look spacious and uncluttered. And to make it happen, you would need the support of a professional interior designing service provider.

A Notable Piece of Advice: The experience and talent of a good interior designer can be judged by the way he/she chooses and places the lighting scheme along with optimising the availability of natural lighting for a space. So if you’re looking for professional home interior designers for your house in Delhi, make sure that you check how they play with the lighting element in their portfolio.

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