Let the Space be a Riot of Colours

At any point, if you feel your abode is too small to undergo any creative interior design makeover, you can play with colours to make an illusion of enlarged space into play. Colours, especially, play a substantial role in changing the outlook of your home.

More often, we get troubled while picking a colour scheme for the entire house because it is true that picking a colour for one room and picking one for the entire house is a different ballgame altogether. So, follow the below given interior designing guidelines and get the right answer of question like – how exactly do you choose a colour scheme for your entire space?

Start by picking a colour for the biggest space in your home

A living room interior with orange yellow colour - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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Whether you are selecting for your sweet home, it is always convenient to select a colour for the biggest space and then match the rest of the property with it. Several firms specialized in premium interior design vouch for it and follow this technique.

When in doubt, use a soft palette

A room interiors with combination of Bright and Soft colours - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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Most hotel interior decorators suggest that we pick a warm hue for our space whenever in doubt. You may go wrong with bright colours, especially if you have a small space, but you could never go wrong with soft colours as they not only add character to your home and office but also create an illusion of space.

Start with a room you have already planned in your mind

Bedroom Interiors with Cool Colours - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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Places such as South Delhi are filled with upscale homes, designed by best interior designers in India. An alternative way to start planning for the colour of your property will be to speak to your decorator about what you already have in mind. Whether it is the living room or one of the bedrooms or even the kitchen for that matter, discuss what you envision with you decorator and chances are they will be able to design the whole property around it.

Choosing a colour for your office, hotel business or any commercial property

Vibrant interior of an office gallery - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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If you are planning on renovating your hotel or you just bought one and wish to design it to reflect your personality and vision, interior designers recommend that you follow the same pattern or colour shade to design the whole space so it looks uniform and pleasing to the human eye.  A great way to work out the colour scheme for your hotel or for the matter of fact for any commercial property like office, shop, the option could be to take help of the colour wheel and find the exact contrast of hues for the entire property.

Test the palette

Last and most importantly, once you have finalized the colour scheme, bring home a few test pots to actually paint swatches and see how it would look like in reality. At times, what we imagine is way different than what the end result is.

Following these simple guidelines or steps can help you a long way in coming up with a perfect colour plan for your home as well as office areas.

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