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Interior Designing Tips to Make Your Small Room Look Bigger

A simple interior designing of a bed room by ShrutiSodhi Interior Designs



Wondering what to do with the interiors of your small space? Well, first things first, take it as a challenge to show your creativity. Trust what the world’s leading interior designers have to say and you can make even the smallest of space look premium. The only key to make it happen is combine multifunctional solutions and style.


Here are a few effective tips that add grandness to a small space.

  • Make use of built-in shelves and furniture

Investing in bespoke built-in solutions & apt shelving that fit your needs are ideal for a small space. It enables you to size each furniture piece while introducing a few features that will maximize its functionality. For example, you can go for a built-in sofa with a storage chamber underneath or a deep shelf with wall brackets. Thrill yourself.

  • Get artistic with lighting & furniture layout

If the space allows, arrange your furniture in such a way that the functional zones have separation between them. To elaborate, place a desk behind a sofa to make it a workspace or arrange the chairs in a manner which separates the dining room & living space. To further accentuate the appeal, install different overhead lighting in different spaces.

  • Embrace the sunlight

Emphasize on natural light to enliven your small space. Let the sun shine inside your space as a well-lit interior feels more open. If you have a closed space with less resource to bring the sunlight in, strategically place a mirror in the room to reflect the light and make it open-up.


Whether you are a student living on your own or a couple living together in Delhi, you don’t have to compromise with your interiors’ style, even though the space is small. Just get in touch with any well-experienced professional interior designers in Delhi NCR and they will give you a plethora of ideas, suiting your budget & decor, to have a beautifully designed living space.

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