Important Designing Tips for Your Home Office cum Guest Room

Interior view of a home office cum guest room designed by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Having a spare bedroom in the home offers space with a huge amount of potential. You can turn it into an exciting guest room, or into a convenient home office, there is no end to the possibilities! Many homeowners, however, tend to under-utilise their spare bedroom spaces, either as glorified utility closets all year around, or as spotlessly clean but forbidden rooms (to be used for welcoming visitors only). Well, the under-utilisation of spare bedrooms stops now. Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs, one of the leading interior design companies in Delhi, brings to you the concept of “multi-functionality”, wherein you can design the perfect combination of guest room and home office/hobby room into the spare bedroom space. Without further ado, let us take a look at some of the important designing tips for your home office cum guest room.


1. Go for Loft Conversions

There’s something distinctive about loft conversions that make them so perfect for an office-cum-guestroom. The loft bedroom usually, is one of the largest rooms in the house, meaning that you can not only fit your usual ensemble of work desk, gadgets, and other furniture, but there is ample space for a king-size bed and other decor accessories as well, for the guests. In addition, the spectacular views from the loft would not only help you wow the guests with the surrounding views, but would also help you inspire as you work.


2. Add Ambient and Task Lighting

Having a dedicated task light in the home office space is essential. In a home office-cum-guest room, however, you need to set up some soft ambient lighting too. After all, you guests are unlikely to try reading under the luminescence of the 100W office lamp! You can also go for a dimmer switches setup to help you concentrate or get creative, and also let your guests control the amount of lighting in the room.


3. Add an En-Suite If Possible

Guests often feel awkward about their presence disrupting the host’s daily routines. The need for privacy is as golden for them as it is for the homeowners. You must, therefore, add an en-suite is possible, so that there is no distraction for the members of the household and the guests too, can take care of their bathroom routines. Even if you are working late in the home office, you can stay focused for longer and won’t have to disturb anyone during the late hours.


4. Set up Concealed Storage Spaces

Cluttered desks and unconcealed electrical wires don’t nice in any room decor. You must, therefore, add sufficient concealed storage to stash away all your files, papers and other such items. You can also conceal computer wires and phone cables behind desks and other furniture to accentuate the room decor. Just make sure that there are ample few free power outlets for guests, so that they can charge their electronic gadgets without unplugging your network.


Wrapping Up

Having a guest room is a wonderful asset to your home that allows you to host your friends, relatives, and colleagues over the weekends or the holidays, and give them their own private space. However, you may not have guests or visitors all year long, which would mean that the spare room will have no utility whatsoever. To avoid this, you can make the room multi-functional by combining the benefits of the guest room with those of a home office. In case you are getting stuck with the balance not working in your favour, or any lack of decor ideas, you can consult well experienced office interior designer in Delhi.

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