How to Make Your Home More Spacious Without Knocking Down Walls

If you are planning for a more spacious home then extensions isn’t the only alternative. Undoubtedly adding extensions can be an amazing way to enlarge the overall square feet. But it is time-consuming, expensive and sometimes impossible. This is why in between the micro-sized dwellings of the modern world; you need to take out midway to make your home a little bigger.

For those who are fortunate enough to own a home, it is quite understandable about why they want their homes to be spacious and comfortable. Given below are 5 easy hacks offered by one of the best home interior designers in Delhi to make your home feel a little bigger:

1.    Experiment with levels

Small House Hacks to Maximize Space - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Well, rather than planning to expand your space for the storage purpose, you can always go for shelving. If your rooms have a considerable height, then level up things with several storage shelves stacked one above other. Don’t make it way too messy, but when it comes to levelling your space, you can do wonders with the space curating storage voids for your home.

2.     Use every minute space

Hacks to Maximize Space - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Are there any places in your homes that are now officially known as the dead spaces? If yes, then you can always use them as your backup alternative as shown in the picture. You can construct something more productive like the beige storage ceiling is shown in the picture. Assess your entire home and try to find out spaces that are not using storage functionally. Put every inch to use and make feasible storage spaces for maximizing the space.

3.    Play cleverly with the wall and room divider

Clever use of dividers to maximize the space - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Do you even have any idea about the fact that you can carve out a room out of a room? If no, then you need to do justice to your wall and room dividers that can make your space look much more organized. Be open to the layouts and choose the theme carefully.

4.    Standard doors are boring

Use of sliding door to maximize the usable space - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Well, most people get stuck to the exhausting outdated doors with hooks or something. You can even use the door creatively as per your choice of storage and make your way out. Dig shelves in your doors or just make some separate compartments for shoes or something. The choice is yours. Using sliders instead of doors is also a smart way to save space.

5.    Make the place under your stairs useful

Beautifying the under stair space - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

The area under the stairs is a nightmare for people. It isn’t properly used, and most of the times it is messy, and it is of no use to be very specific. Make its storage space, a tiny playroom, Study or anything that you want but make sure to use the space and in great ways.

Summing Up

Space is indeed a luxury in the urban environment that we live in and so we need to plant it wisely. Re-plan, rethink and trick down your visual perception of things with interior design firms for a more spacious home. Space is increasingly becoming limited, employ these clever ways and gain space by breaking the boring norms.

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