Best 5 Interior Tips to Add Enchantment of Artwork in Your Hospitality Business

In the era where the hospitality sector is a billion-dollar affair, artwork is inevitable to keep you in the showbiz. The resurrection to art has brought many hotel businesses impeccable success and deliberate fame and appreciation.

Paintings these days are required to complement the interiors with their chromatic pallets and intuitive designs by many hotel interior designers in Delhi. While not every wall needs to be a gallery showcase here are certain design & decor tips that can surely give your walls a more dramatic touch.

  1. Bring something new every time you renovate

New Art Painting for Attractive Interior Look - SSID

Rather than sticking to the renaissance art and any other serious art form that looks like the creation of an art maniac, you can always choose simple understandable art forms that can evoke a deep sense of awe and wonder in people’s lives.

  1. Paintings can be reasonably affordable

Wall Painting for Front Office Interiors - SSID

You seriously don’t need to spend a hefty amount on the overall paintings of your hotel and lobby, rather you can pick some cheap ones that don’t burn a hole in your pocket and place them in the right place with the perfect size and alignment.

  1. Art for an emphasized approach

An Artistic Approach for Top Hotel Interiors - SSID

Artwork can serve as the focal point in any of your vacant spaces that no interior designer is willing to fill. If you want your customers to notice your space and publicize the ambiance as they talk about it after their visit, then the life-size paintings can always save your back!

  1. Lobbies are the other names for a fine art gallery

Asian Painting in Lobby Area of a Hotel - SSID

With the advent of social media, people have become more and more concerned about the stories ad posts that the post on their trip and hotel lobbies with a magnificent lucrative artwork can always serve the cause. Lobby paintings can be the best backdrop for any Instagram freak who has a soft corner for increasing their list of followers.

  1. Treasure local art- Artworks as a visual feast

Adding Local Arts in Interior Decor - SSID

Rather than using the intricate or complicated modern art patterns, you can always choose artwork that people can relate to on their regional basis. As the picture states, this is a definite painting style that most western countries embrace, you can choose something more relatable like that of a mythological portrayal or some other depiction of your local art form.

Is it a trend?

Indeed! Any piece of art can undeniably make or break the decorum of a hotel atmosphere. The actual art is all about how you tell a story through your interiors, incorporate bold elements into available space and bring life to your brick & mortar business. Starting from the office interior designers in Delhi to the residential or hotel interior decorators worldwide, everyone is shifting their attention towards artworks.

There is a lot that any vase or couch can say about your hotel space but the sculptures and paintings that you choose to display in your hotel, can help to make highly personal statements about how you perceive the place of your business in the hospitality world.

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