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How does Colour Play a Vital Role for the Luxury Interiors of a Home or a Hotel?

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Over the decades, colours have been known to affect the mind and body owing to the diverse auras they possess inside. Colours, if placed well can go a long way in uplifting the mood of the viewer regardless of the mood he or she was previously carrying prior to perceiving. It is true to say that, people who adore the beauty of nature never fail to accept the significance of colours in their life. This is the reason why “Chromo therapy” has evolved as one of the best forms of alternative medicines for mentally-ill patients and even individuals who have forgotten the way to live their life.

Not just in daily life, but when we talk about colours in the hospitality industry; it also make a difference by affecting the mood and decision of the guests.

Utilization of Colours in the Hospitality Industry

Presently, most of the eminent hoteliers are choosing a wide range of colours to express the beauty of their luxury hotel’s interior decors. Usually, while incorporating a colour plan, the luxury hotel interior designers do not overlook the impact that will take place on the entire ambience of the hotel especially for the guests viewing it first time.

As per estimation, everyday new startup entrepreneurs are coming in the hospitality industry and opening a new hotel. For those new entrepreneurs as well as some of the existing hoteliers, choosing a perfect colour to decorate any specific interiors is always a confusing task. To ease such tasks, go through the following colour tips from well experienced luxury hotel interior designers in Delhi:


The hue is widely known to be the colour of nature and using this tone in your hotel would encourage guests to have a sense of freshness in their surroundings. Using green wall paints where the food is served is the best way to make your guests feel more welcomed while keeping their hunger buds alive for the scrumptious meals of your hotel.

Purples & Blues

Purples and blue are known to invoke feelings of relaxation and therefore these colours can be used in those spaces of your hotel, which allow guests to let themselves free such as spa, bar, or the coffee corner. What is more alluring than relaxing on the poolside that has blue surroundings to soothe both- the mind & soul?

Lily Whites

Though white may appear as a plain shade, the colour attracts and vibrates all the peace your guests would desire to experience on their stay. Put all the white colour to the bedrooms of your hotel along with tinges of blue. Even if your hotel is not at the beachside, the sense of inner tranquillity is what your esteemed guests would experience by simply putting on these colours into their rooms.

Guests of all categories – solo travellers, business travellers to family ones; have one wish in common and that is – to experience the difference of changing their original place. A luxury hotel accomplishes such goal of their guests. Consult the best luxury hotel interior designers before finalizing the colour map to make your interiors of your home or hotel a luxury one and a place to remember forever for your guests.

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