Tiles That Speak Volumes about Your Interior Decor Style!

The way you decorate your homes, speaks tonnes about you. The embodiment of calm, elegance and unspoken strength, tiles can go a long way in showcasing the type of grand luxury that your magnificent aura has to offer. With the developing trends that rock the floor like the ever-versatile and super classy Roberto Cavalli design inspired tiles that are a fusion of wildly sophisticated and uncanny patterns or the Versace signature tiles that are a piece of sheer perfection, the tile range scatters over a variety of different sized slabs and unique popped up colors and custom made designs that shall leave you in complete awe.

A look book for the top tile designs that are rocking the charts

  1. Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Tiles Used for Bathroom Decor - SSID

Being a top brand isn’t easy and rightly so one needs to live up to a wider range of clients who are in continued scrutiny to have their tiles fully perfect and faulty free. Known to have garnered such perfection and passion laced designs, Cavalli is a brand in himself who is known to have an incredibly grand aura in his, especially inspired tiles. For richly stuffed personalized spaces the choicest of materials are put to use for the finest of crafted and unusual tile designs. The perfect setting for the best view is what awaits your house.

Use of Roberto Cavalli Tiles in Bathroom Area - SSID

  1. Versace signature tiles for the Italian in you

Use of Versace signature tiles for living room - SSID

We all love those dazzles and sparkles from the land of pizza. From the steaming runaway to the sassy restrooms or for a luxury living room Versace signature tiles have it all covered. From minimalist designs to the oracle of mosaics, Versace is preferred mostly given its translucency in quality and comparable looks.

Versace signature tiles used in Large Living Hall - SSID

  1. Moroccan tiles for the calm, soothing washrooms

Image of Moroccan tiles - SSID

For the vibrant yet soft pastel colors that speak volumes, give your bathroom and kitchen an identity that sets it apart from the generic lot. Inspired by the power of handcrafted and skilfully captured ancient designs, Moroccan tiles have always been a crowd favourite for their unmatched elegance.

Use of Moroccan tiles for bathroom floor - SSID

  1. Glass Mosaic

Use of Glass Mosaic Titles for Washroom area - SSID

The ultimate show stopper, glass mosaics are the hot favourites when it comes to bathroom tiles. Be your shower or bath floor, feeling like a goddess under the chandeliers, every time you owe yourself a shower. Most of the top interior design companies in Delhi opt for such gorgeous mosaics that are stupendous in every possible way.

  1. Supersized slab tiles

Image Depicting Use of Supersized Slab Tiles - SSID

Summing up the recent advancements in style, three words that pop out in bold letters are – large, colorful and natural. With prominent slab tiles with a posh marble look, your house is sure to make those heads turn!

  1. Marble-sized slabs

Use of marble-sized slabs - SSID

There are left out stoutly simple walls around the houses that can be recreated into a feature entrance wall with a creative touch. All credits to the marble-sized slabs.

  1. Refined concrete look tiles.

Use of Porcelain Tiles for Bathroom Decor - SSID

Ceramics are definitely the new cool. When it comes to a concrete look, it’s about a rough texture with an ounce of elegance. Spice up your charisma with porcelain tiles that mimic the concrete.

Use of concrete look tiles for living room decor - SSID

  1. A raft of timber-look tiles.

Use of warm timber textured tiles - SSID

Nothing beats the tropical feel of warm timber textured tiles. Strong, eco-friendly and pleasant to the eyes, these timber textured tiles are enigmatic, charming and extremely soothing.

From the Morocco tiles that line up the straight walls highlighting the dim washrooms to the glass mosaic, a super-sized or marble type slab the endless possibilities of tiles is a list that keeps ever-expanding. Let your deluxe choice do the talking for you. Be it the classic cross with unusual combinations that wows every onlooker or the luxury garnished finish that redefines elegance, tiles have come a long way in providing a bold style statement that’s beyond the conventional boring blocks.

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