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Hire a Professional Interior Designer to Avoid Home Decorating Mistakes

A pic to illustrate the common home decoration mistakes by Shruti Sodhi - one of the premium interior designers in India



These days, access to the things you want is rather easy. Thanks to the web. But following what one reads is one thing and applying brains while doing it is another. There are certain things that you cannot just do it yourself, for example- interior designing.


We here pointed out some of the biggest interior designing blunders that people do more often (you may also find yours in the following list):

  • Giving a pass to lighting

Believe it or not but lighting does the trick all the time. Everything might be classy and welcoming but all of it can be thwarted by poor choice of lighting.


  • Hanging pictures at wrong height

You have adorned a wall with a perfect picture in a beautiful designer frame. But what can be the wrong thing that you must have done here is hanging it a wrong height. People need to know that if they are putting up a gallery wall, they have to get the height right. Draw a mock up before putting nails in the wall, randomly.


  • Too many throw pillows

People tend to put so many throw pillows on the sofa that they have no space at all to sit on. Sure you were trying to be more comfortable, but you might have gone overboard.


  • Not taking the help of a professional to follow the trends

Trends look great when followed with discretion and as per the space. Whatever trend you are adopting should complement your décor and not just look like ‘blindly followed’.


Among the large things, small ones which can make or break the look of your home interiors go unnoticed. This is why you need a help from professional and well experienced interior designers who can help you to find out such small mistakes.
If you’re living in metro city like Delhi, it is easier to hire a professional interior designer from Delhi so that you can avoid above mentioned decoration mistakes. See yourself how the look of your interiors oozes charm being free from any interior decorating fault.

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