Enhance the Interior Decor of These 5 Areas of Your Home Using Pendant Lights

An image to depict the use of pendant light in Interior Decor at Royal Palace at Haga Palace

For upgrading the interiors and illumination of a house the standard ceiling lights are now replaced with trendy pendant lights which hang down the ceiling either on a cord or a chain. Available in innumerable colours, shapes & styles they are popular these days due to their simple handling, cleaning, and adjustable heights and can be utilized in any room of your home.

Beyond illuminating the space, they will jazz up your living space and provides a visual treat to your guests. Choosing a right place & style may not be an easy trick but keeping the following tips in mind will help you not only choose the best design but in putting them at right place too.


Use of Pendant Lights as a part of attractive Kitchen Interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs
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A dull and boring kitchen island with super bright lights can be beautifully balanced with natural daylight & illuminated by using pendant lights. Apart from enhancing the decor, they solve the functional purpose by providing an excellent visual impact. A little thought on their styles like selecting ones in contrast with the colours of cabinet knobs and tiles can be fun and give a contemporary look to your kitchen interiors.

Bed Room

Use of Pendant Lights in Bed Room Interiors - Shruti Sodhi interior Designs
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Selecting pendant lights for bedsides matching with either the colour of curtains or the wall behind the bed creates room for a few books or decor items on the side tables. Despite their simplicity, they produce a dreamy canopy with their soft lighting impact. Ensure their fair distance & height from the bed for safety purpose.

Dining Room

Interior Decor of a Dining Room using Pendant Light - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs
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Choosing a cluster of pendant lights over a table offers a wow factor to your dining room. Ensure to choose the light according to dining table than the room’s structure. Linear pendants are ideal for rectangular or long tables whereas multiple pendants grouped together or drum pendants can complement a round-table. Having a dimmer switch installed helps you adjust the light as per your mood.

Living Room

Use of Pendant Lights in Living Room Interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs
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Just like dining rooms, it is important to have dimmers installed in living room pendants for more flattering and romantic appearance. A cluster of 3-5 decorative pendants at varied heights counting on the dimensions of the room adds wonders to the charm of a lounge. A good rule of thumb is to shop for a pendant in proportion to the dimensions and tasks you generally do in your living room.

Bath Room

Use of Pendant Lights in Bath Room Interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs
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The pendant lights in the bathroom should not be placed in a way to cast a shadow on your face. Putting them either in corners or on the side of the vanity mirror will not project any unwanted shadows.

The right placement, height and the style of the decor in a house (contemporary, traditional or neutral)if not thought of while hanging a pendant will diminish their whole charm. Hiring an Interior decorator will ensure to select a right pendant light which would complement the room furnishings to add an aesthetic factor to the interiors of your house. Need not to think all day long! Look for the best residential & corporate interior designers in Delhi or anywhere else to have a professional assessment of your situation.

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