Do’s and Don’ts While Decorating The Guest Room of Your Home

Interior view of a Guest room completed by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

In India, guests are considered to be an embodiment of God, and we take immense pleasure in hosting friends, colleagues, and relatives over the weekends or during holidays. We make our guests feel at home, and leave no stone unturned in making their stay, an affair to remember! To be a gracious host, however, it is imperative that you design and decorate a guestroom that portrays your hospitality in the best way possible. While, hiring an experienced home interior designer to renovate your guest room is a great idea, there are several accepted norms that you need to follow or avoid during the renovations. In this blog post, Shruti Sodhi brings to you a list of a few important do’s and don’ts tips. Keep in mind these tips while you’re planning to decorate the guest room of your home.


Do: Add a feature wall

Guest rooms that have all four walls painted with the same color, not only remind of an unloved box room, but also have zero personality. You must, therefore, create a focal point in the room by adding a feature wall of textured cladding, luxe paper, or an interesting paint effect. For example, adding darker shades next to the white walls, helps create a depth of field to the eyes of an observer.


Do: Use Comfortable Bedding

Choosing the right set of bedding is one of the most crucial aspects of designing guest rooms. Nobody wants to have itchy, static, or uncomfortable bed linens and mattresses to sleep upon. You must therefore, ditch any offending bedding and linens that have been eschewed by your house members. Instead, go for a good quality bed sets and pillows that are not only relatively inexpensive nowadays, but are also plush looking and can be customized to go with the rest of the decor in the guest room. In addition, try to avoid purchasing duvets and feather down pillows, as allergies to such substances are commonplace and your guests might end up sneezing and coughing all night.


Don’t: Use Inharmonious Colors

Bright colors such as the reds and the purples often seem as the perfect color scheme for the guest rooms. Such powerful color pallets, however, have been proven to inhibit sleep and are not appeasing for the eye. You must, therefore, go for subtle, neutral colors and pastels that impart a comfortable aura to the room and go easy on the eyes. To avoid being monotonicity of the color scheme, you can choose more than one suitable shades of paint or wallpaper, to create contrast between the walls.


Don’t: Leave the Room Cluttered

One might get over-enthusiastic while selecting decor accessories for the guest room, but you must remember that no guests would appreciate sleeping in a “store room”. Therefore, you must clear out the unnecessary and easily movable items such as exercise equipment or vacuum cleaners that you would’ve placed in the otherwise unoccupied guest room, before your guests arrive. Instead, fill the space up with fitting cabinets, comfortable furniture, designer vases, and subtle decor pieces to remind the guests of their own home.


Don’t: Install Bright Lighting

Good lighting is as essential as any other aspect of the guest room. You must, therefore, analyze the lighting requirements of the room as well as your guests, and accordingly, install ambient lighting apparatus. Aside from the main overhead light, which could be a pendant or an LED bulb, you can go for a selection of subtle lighting options and make sure that at least one of them is controllable from the bedside. Nowadays, there are a number of light hues available for the LED bulbs that you can choose from, to tailor the lighting in your guest room.


Wrapping Up

Instead of getting all psyched up with the prospect of renovating your guest room, think of it as an opportunity to create the perfect space that showcases your welcoming nature and hospitality. In addition, you should strive to make your guest room subtly luxurious, and yet multi-functional, so that the space could be utilised for other purposes when there are no guests around. To help you design an interesting guest room space, you can hire services of any experienced home interior designer or decorator, be it in Delhi or elsewhere.

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