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Do You Need An Architect or A Designer?

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What is one question that irks homeowners when they are planning to remodel their house?


It’s “Should we hire an architect or a designer?” Homeowners, when trying to enhance the appeal of their abode, don’t want to take any chances and want to make it as elegant as it can get. And for that, they are ready to go at any lengths. If you are also one of them and are being bugged by this question, then here’s your answer.


For minor projects like enlargement of a window opening or removal of a non-bearing wall, you need not go for hiring the service of a design pro. On the other hand, should you want complete renovation or kitchen remodeling; you will need the experience of a design professional who can ensure that the aesthetic consideration and structural requirements go hand in hand so the space can become livelier than ever.


Now let’s differentiate whether that professional will be an architect or a designer?




Professionals trained in designing, engineering and project management are known as Architects. They are adept at coming up with creative ideas to solve intricate design problems and ensure the project looks classy whether the setting is classical or contemporary.


When planning to make an addition or embarking on a project with multiple roof lines, the architect’s vision and ability to do a 3D visualization of the project can be of big help. Including their support, you can easily make a lasting impression with your house. Furthermore, architects are also good project managers. You can trust them to troubleshoot and advocate when you’re stuck with contractors and subcontractors.


How to deal with Architects?


Usually, the homeowners hire an architect before involving the contractor. Let’s be clear of the fact that both these parties will have to work together. The architect first presents his end-to-end plans with the bid amount. If the changes are quite extensive as per the contractor, the architect redraws the plans at an additional cost.


The architect charges the highest amount of fee for overseeing a project. This tends to be a better option since you won’t even have to get into the mind-numbing discussion with the contractor and the architect will manage it all. Of course, you will have to cross-check the reputation of both the parties in the market before handing over the responsibility. But, when you are on a budget, simply manage things with the architect himself.




Designers are professionals who bring the experience of adorning interiors as per the space to the table. Whether you want to make the rooms look more chic, your kitchen to boast of elegance or want your office to look great, you can leave it to the interior designers. The professionals do know more than what’s necessary for engineering but still their plans are reviewed by the architect. The designers check the scope of work and then they give a quote. Once the fee has been finalized, the designers work on a detailed plan and provide sketches, 3Ds or concept of the area that is to be remodeled. One can choose a designer either at the construction or furnishing stage. On-boarding a designer at the RCC stage is also a great idea as then he/she can also get the architects and contractors in their circle to do the job.

How to deal with Designers?


Most residential remodels can be handled by a designer as they work as a team with the contractors. Once the initial meeting with a homeowner is done, the designer and contractor return with a set of partial drawings of outside walls, elevation and floor plan. After the drawings have been approved, the cost is finalized and the designer starts concluding the drawings.


Who should you hire?


By now, you would have gotten an idea about who does what. So as per your need, find an architect or a designer. You can ask for recommendations or just go on the web to look for an answer. Get in touch with a few previous clients who can testify their work before shelling out your cash.


Generally there is a network. If you are hiring a designer, he or she will definitely have contacts with a contractor and an architect and so forth. If any party is trustworthy, you can save yourself the pain of looking for individual service provider and get going with the remodeling job. It will also expedite the process as they have worked together and know each other like the back of their hand.


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Happy remodeling!

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