Descriptive Designing Guide for a Modern Style House

The contemporary movement has drastically affected many aspects of our daily lives and our homes are no exception to it. The world of interiors and architecture is greatly affected by the minimal and contemporary patterns that have taken the world of interiors by storm.

Contemporary necessarily doesn’t mean the designs that have invaded the market in the 21st century; rather the term contemporary is interchangeably used among top interior decorators in Delhi these days to refer to a break from the traditional norms. Contemporary designs are those that decipher the richness and context of modern-age thinking. If you want your home to ooze the essence of contemporary architecture then here are some ways to bring the flair in!

  1. Start from the Scratch

Exterior Outlay of A Modern House - SSID

The first and the foremost thing to draw your attention should be the blueprint of your home architecture. The key to make a modern house is being as organized as possible.

Interior Outlay of a Modern House - SSID

A neat appeal can surely draw your attention towards one of the many aspects of contemporary living and can prove as the bedrock of the layout and shape that you want for your home. You can always use your innovation to justify demarcations about the floor plan or arrange space into rooms. The choice is yours!

  1. Make the roof a simpler entanglement

Front Look of a Modern House with Flat Roof - SSID

Traditional houses are generally accommodated with pitched or slanted roofs, whereas modern houses are about flat roofs that make your home look like a newfangled structure. Make sure to construct your roof space avoiding complexities with continuous build-up.

  1. A peek into the outer world- Windows are a priority

Use of Large Glass Window in a Modern Style Home - SSID

Unlike the traditional houses that have a confined size for their dimensions of the windows, modern houses are all about letting the sunshine in with the life-size windows. You can always break a wall and make windows instead with large glass panels. Decorate with drapes of neutral shades or illuminative lighting solutions. The choice is yours!

  1. Thought about your floor plan yet?

Wooden Floor inside Modern House - SSID

The floor plan for a modern roof should be elementarily flat. Mostly you can choose the neutral shades for the flooring purpose or even polished wooden flooring as shown in the picture can also serve the cause.

Floor with Tiles inside a Modern Style House - SSID

For the purpose of minimalism and simplicity, many interior decorators also switch for white tiles as an alternative because they are simple, serene and inspirational attribute of the contemporary design patterns.

  1. Prioritize storage

Hidden Wooden Storage - SSID

Well the most important aspect of contemporary house building and interior is all about organizing the space around your home and making the surface as well as the space look neat and clean. Prioritize storage and make clever hides like that of under the stairs or hidden cabinets that can dust in the extra stuff in your home.

  1. Interiors should be taken care of carefully

Highly Attractive Interior Look inside a Modern Style Home - SSID

Most people think that contemporary designs revolve all around the concept of eliminating elements for space and making the interior look blank. This isn’t true! Regardless of what era of decorum you are choosing for your home, it is utterly important to add flair to the interiors with the right decorative artifacts, furniture or even the shade of the walls, roof and theme inside.

Simple & Attractive Interior Decor of a Modern Style Home - SSID

  1. Stairs are the key to drag you into contemporary designs

Staircase inside a modern style home - SSID

Isn’t the stair in the picture looking like a delightful harp? As shown in the picture, there are tons of designs for stairs that can make your home look like one of the masterpieces of modern architecture. Starting from spiral, helical to the simple glass staircases, everything can make your home look nothing less than a dream that you used to see since time immemorial.

Facilitate a place to cherish memories!

Be it modern or traditional, every home is an abode to sink into the comfort and peace of living. A lot of people these days are switching on to a more contemporary residence just to adhere to the allures of modern condominium lifestyle. There are many houses these days with modern styles and a touch of charming classic infrastructure inspired by the old-school architectural intricacies. Some of the best home interior designers in Delhi NCR emphasize on using the platter of hues correctly and embrace all aspects of traditional engineering in order to make the brick and mortar structure robust.

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