Contemporary Interior Design Tips for Your Home Interior Decoration

Modern interior design that has been handed down from the 1900’s is the predominant design theme for most home interiors in India. However, if you wish to update your home, it is worth considering the style value and merits of contemporary interior design. This style is not only trending in a big way but also incorporates classic elements of home furniture, decor and upholstery, which never go out of style.

As and when you decide to make the switch to contemporary interior decor and design; follow these interior decor tips and suggestions sourced from experts at the leading interior design companies in Delhi, Mumbai and other metro cities.

These interior design and decoration tips shed light on the most basic elements of contemporary interior decor that can give your home an upgraded and classic look. These handy tips are as detailed below:

1.  Go Clutter Free

A clutter free interior look of a living room - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

The first rule for any attractive & contemporary interiors is arranging or removing clutters of your home. It can be achieved by…

  • Investing in storage spaces that store everything that you need but prefer to keep out of sight, to give your home an uncluttered look.
  • By discarding or giving away knick-knacks and insignificant possessions that only add to the clutter in your home.
  • By sufficiently freeing up space in your home to give it a spacious and minimalistic look.

2.  Pick Limited Color Palette

Use of limited colour palette in a bedroom interiors - SSID

Contemporary homes and interiors are defined by a limited colour palette. The use of black, white and neutral colours is recommended in all spaces of your home. Implement a limited colour palette in your home by…

  • Repainting your walls in neutral shades or a pristine white or grey
  • Perfectly contrast with neutral shade drapes and upholstery within your home space.

3.  Make Wall Arts Your Statement Piece

Interior look of a living hall with a bed at Civil Lines project by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Art plays a big role in creating contemporary living spaces. When you wish to make the switch to contemporary interior design and decor for your home; remember to…

  • Free up your walls by taking down multiple wall hangings, paintings and picture frames
  • Replace with statement piece wall art, in other words; large art pieces to put up on your wall, instead of multiple decorative pieces.
  • Stick to one large wall painting per room, with colors that sharply contrast with the neutral shades of your walls, upholstery and drapes.

4.  Choose Contemporary Furniture

An interior view of living hall at Malhan Mansion, Chhatarpur by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Just like modern and contemporary interiors, there is a stark difference between modern and contemporary furniture. When you wish to make the switch to contemporary interior design and décor for your home; make an investment in contemporary furniture that is defined by…

  • Clean lines
  • And colors that match the white, black or neutral shades of your walls and drapes.

5.  Adopt for Wooden or Vinyl Flooring

A bedroom interiors with wooden flooring - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Wooden flooring is an important aspect considered by not only the best interior decorators in Delhi or any other metro city but also recommended and used by the most of popular interior designers across the globe. To do so, keep in mind that…

  • Marble and granite flooring are characteristic features of modern interiors and do not fit into the design theme of a contemporary home.
  • Vinyl and wooden flooring that matches the design and decor theme of your home, is your best option instead.

An interior view of living room at Aqua Twins, Porvorim project by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Follow the interior design and decor tips & suggestions listed above, and give your home a contemporary upgrade that does not go out of style.

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