Closed Vs. Open Kitchens: Which is your home’s ideal match?

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Over the years, designs and layouts of the kitchen have transformed dramatically with the shrinking size of the homes and the evolving needs of the home dwellers. However, the debate about whether to opt for an open or closed kitchen is still constant. For centuries the kitchen was considered to be a place of sheer functionality and the conventional kitchens were a closed-off spot.

Now people want their kitchens to be a truly active part of their home. They leave more room for creativity and yes, they are functional while consuming the least possible space. Most of the house owners often face the dilemma about whether they should go for an open kitchen or a closed one. Here’s a clear differentiation between open and closed kitchens, so that you can get the kitchen of your dreams-


Open Kitchens

Open kitchens are the kitchens that are more integrated with the adjacent rooms in the house like the living rooms and the dining rooms. You can say that in interior design, an open kitchen concept is about a kitchen that has no walls separating it from the rest of the house. Most modern kitchens with an open floor plan host these sorts of kitchens as they have a minimal distinction between the kitchen area and the living areas. Open kitchens are in the hype now because they are widely chosen by some of the top interior design firms in Delhi. Also, it is more cost-effective and as they don’t take up much space or time for reconstruction, they are mostly picked by homeowners who seek to remodel their existing kitchen.

Pros of an open kitchen

The walls of the kitchens came down when homes started shrinking in the concrete jungle. Space-saving ideas gained pace and as people wanted to spend more and more time with their family and friends while cleaning, the walls in the kitchen seemed meaningless. Open kitchens have numerous positive attributes. Some of these are listed below:

  • If you are a fan of home designs that facilitate airflow and prioritize ventilation and light, then an open kitchen is the way to go for you. They add maximum natural light while you are cooking and cleaning and you can save a lot on the electricity bills with the open kitchens.
  • Open kitchens can make any small space feel bigger because they don’t have those confining walls.
  • You can have an open layout kitchen with a long marble countertop and bar stools where your friends or family can sit while you prepare food or do the cleaning. You can also have a dining area in your open kitchen for those impromptu meals and your midnight food swings when the dining room seems too far.
  • Open kitchens can provide a unified look for your home with their cosy accents and beautiful, elegant designs. You can add a pendant light over your ceiling and even chandeliers to make the overall space beautiful and your open kitchen can turn to be the heart of your home.

 Open Kitchen - SSID

Closed Kitchens

Unlike the open kitchens that are in continuity with the rest of the homes, closed kitchens actually have a door or two. Closed kitchens were an idea of the past, but now they are making a comeback because apparently, they are the new definition of luxury. Most restaurants also host kitchens with a closed floor plan because they provide privacy make the space look neat and tidy and yes, they allow more space for storage.

Pros of Closed kitchens

If you think of your kitchen as a sanctuary or a place where you can sink into the cooking process without interruption, then a closed kitchen is the perfect match for you. A closed kitchen can be your one-stop solution if:

  • You need an abundance of storage. Closed kitchens generally have more cabinetry than open kitchens and so you can use the extra space that you get for storing all your necessary stuff.
  • You want the freedom to experiment with design. Are you trying to remodel your kitchen or you are building a new kitchen altogether from the scratch? Then a closed kitchen is perfect for you. You don’t have to worry about whether your kitchen will match your adjacent rooms in the closed kitchen plan. So, you can have more room for creativity and try everything starting from the wood-stained open shelves to the tile backsplash.
  • You need privacy while cooking or you are a neat freak. In a closed kitchen, you can truly be isolated from the disturbances in the other parts of your house. You can have a dedicated kitchen space plus your messy kitchen won’t make the rest of your home look dirty because the space will be pretty private.

Closed Kitchen


Each type of kitchen has its side of advantages and drawbacks. You can choose any kitchen that you want depending on the floor plan of your home and the budget that you have, but make sure to construct the kitchen in coherence with your overall décor. Also never ignore the utilitarian point of view while you are considering the decor aspects of your kitchen. DIY is food for the creative soul, but for the kitchen renovation, it is always advised to consult a professional interior designer. Professionals know their league on the kitchen forefront and they can save your time and money while helping you to get the kitchen of your dreams.


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