5 Best Decor Tips to Know How to Make Your Interiors Eco-friendly

Want to make your interior attractive but need it to be eco friendly as well? Having an eco friendly interior design will be good for you, your visitors, and our mother earth as well. If you are staying in one of the most polluted city like Delhi, there are many interior design companies in Delhi who have joined the marathon of saving the environment simultaneously achieving your dream home interiors without affecting the environment.

Even some of the best office interior designers follow the eco-friendly interior design tips to make your office look and feel unique at the same time environment friendly.

Given below are 5 best eco-friendly interior design tips which you should follow to make your home or office interiors attractive in an eco-friendly way:

  1. Make Plants An Important Part of Your Interiors:

Potted Plants inside Home - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Decorate your interiors with plants. They are the main components which you can use to keep the environment healthy and pollution free and also make your interior look beautiful. Colorful flower plant can prove to be one of the best environment friendly companions to your interior decoration. Plants will keep the environment around you fresh, full of fragrance, and add glam. You can place small plants, short plants which you can grow on pots, or you can also use big plants in the balconies. Some plants produce such fragrances which keep insects away too. Some interior design firms charge very affordable rates when it comes to plant related themes.


  1. Use Only Eco-friendly Light Equipments:

Eco-friendly Lights in a living room - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Lights have the power to completely change the outlook of a place. You can buy lights which are not harmful to the environment like LEDs instead of using bulbs or tubes which give out light by producing heat. Not only do they produce bright light but they are also eco friendly, account to low electricity bills, and are affordable. The interior designers keep a catalogue of unique, trendy, and stylish LEDs of different shapes and sizes so that you can choose the one which you think will suit the surroundings the best. With lights alone, you can make your interior look chic or classy according to your needs. Apart from that, LEDs also come in different colors so that you do not have to compromise in any way.

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  1. Go for Curtains & Blinds:

Use of Curtains in a Bedroom Interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Instead of using air conditioners and coolers which emit CFCs and harm the environment, keep the look of your interior royal and feel cool by using curtains and blinds. Long curtains filer sunlight and help to keep your rooms naturally cool. You can also choose different colors of curtains to complement the shade of the walls or style of the furniture.

The interior design firms in South Delhi, (one of the posh areas in Delhi) often come up with most stylish ideas of hanging curtains. They can also guide you in selecting the most suitable for you. You can choose from different materials, sizes, colors, and designs to make them stand out in the most unique way possible.

  1. Buy Decorative Items of Sustainable Source Only:

Interiors with Sustainable Products - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

It is another essential aspect of creating an eco-friendly home. No matter which furniture or decorative item you buy, make sure you are getting it from a sustainable source. Sourcing environmentally sustainable items will make the interiors of your home or office healthy not only for you but also for the environment.

  1. Minimize the use of Chemical Components in Your Interiors:

Interior Decoration without Chemical Components - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

In modern era getting everything at your doorsteps is quite easy however finding pure and unadulterated stuff is still a tough job. To have some pure &eco friendly interiors there are some easily available, stylish, affordable, and organicsubstitutes to replace various chemical releasing components in your interiors. So always opt for rugs, carpets, paints and textiles that don’t contain VOCs and are safe both for us and the environment.

These are the few tricks which you can give a try to have your eco friendly interior. Taking help of professional interior designers or consulting popular interior design firms of your area will also help you to achieve that perfect yet healthy interior look with ease.

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