Best 5 Office Interior Design Ideas to Increase Workplace Productivity

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There is a great impetus for developing work-spaces that can flex to provide employees with ample spaces that promote easy movement during work hours and privacy, to help maximize productivity. By incorporating a flexible office interior layout, companies, therefore, will be able to spark their employees’ creativity, ability to communicate effectively and be more productive at work. If you are still unsure, here are five office interior design ideas to improve workplace productivity. Take a look.

1. Optimize Your Office Space

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Offer space flexibility is a necessity nowadays because more and more organizations need to allocate different employees with different work-spaces, depending upon the task in-hand. This can only be done by balancing open spaces with more private workstations. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all approach, companies to factor individual employee’s capabilities and productivity to fully utilize open spaces and also introduce more private, dedicated work-spaces.

2. Use Technology to Streamline Office Workflow

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What better way to promote inventiveness and improve the thought process than to leverage technology and streamline the workflow. IT collaboration solutions such as Slack, Hipchat, or Bitrix24, organizations can allow their employees to improve coordination by creating and supervise tasks, information exchange, manage projects, and conduct meetings all from one platform. Moreover, introducing cloud-based services and Talent management software such as PerformYard, PeopleFluent, and Trakstar, organizations can not only get a better insight into their employees’ personal strength and weaknesses but also reduce their operating expenses significantly.

3. Create a Hybrid Office Space

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Setting up or redesigning an office space is an opportunity to de-clutter any personal spaces and introduce flexible office interior decor elements such as movable whiteboards, desk dividers, and room dividers. This will not only help minimize non-quantifiable movements and distractions and improve productivity. In addition, organizations need to include easy-to-access open areas for storing and shelving important documents, inventory, and equipment save time and money. If you are not sure about how to go about revamping your existing office layout, it is advisable to consult a reputable interior design firm in Delhi or elsewhere.

4. Leverage Modularity to Your Advantage

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Investing in high-quality furniture is a necessity today if you want to make your employees less prone to issues such as neck pain, and back and shoulder stiffness. Organizations, therefore, need to include adjustable, furniture and decor accessories into their existing work-spaces. Most of leading interior design firms in Delhi, therefore suggest the use of folding partitions and demountable desk divides to create customized work-spaces. You can also introduce modularity and cancel out all unwanted noise by installing noise-reduction desk panels and movable glass partitions.

5. Implement an Office Colour Philosophy

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Studies have shown that implementing specific colour schemes in offices helps encourage specific actions from employees. For example, implementing high-wavelength colours such as red or yellow are more suitable for work-spaces that require employers to stimulate physical activities and creativity among their employees. Likewise, low-wavelength colours such as blue or green are just perfect for meeting rooms and can help ignite deep thinking, improve efficiency, and keep focus for longer time periods. You can also go with palette with shades of different colours such as whites, grays, and browns to convey sobriety, responsibility, and trust.

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