5 Home Interior Tips for Booklovers

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Book lovers are notorious hoarders! Whether it’s the nightstand or the underside of the bed, we stack up books everywhere. What if, it was possible to showcase our love for books shine throughout the personal space, instead of hiding them in every imaginable corner? Shruti Sodhi Interior Designers bring to you five innovative home interior ideas to celebrate your literary passion. From intuitive furniture choices to signature literature-inspired decor accessories, we have it all here. Take a look-

1. Try Alternate Stacking

Stacking up books, all aligned crisply in a regular bookshelf might seem mundane and old-school. You can create visual interest in your book collection by arranging the books in an alternate scheme vertically and horizontally. You can also try stacking the books according to their color schemes or include colorful bookends to ramp up the visual appeal. While arranging the books, it’s better to go with picture frames as bookends or bold colored accessories to make your collection stand out.

2. Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are the latest trending home interior design idea for bookworms. You can install one right beside your bedside table and stack all your prized possessions up there. Floating shelves also look great as a stylistic design element and help add a visual interest to the walls.

If you are a bibliophile, then installing floating or open plywood shelves would give you ample storage in large rooms. So, next time you run out of space on your nightstand, go for a floating shelf, and try and keep the linen and furniture subdued to create a subtle contrast between accessories.

3. Frame a Page

You are a true bookworm if there is a passage or poetry line lingering in your mind long after you’ve finished reading a book. Why not frame that passage or line and put it up for display? There would be some favourite quotes or one-liners that define your life’s mantra, so you can use colourful graphic designs to print them out and frame them, sharing your literary passion with others as well as yourself.

4. Letter Art Definitely Sounds Cool

Your living space bears your signature decor styling, and being a bookworm, you have the entire area including the walls and curtains to depict your love for words. You can either use stencils to etch out a favourite quote on the walls or rope-in an experienced home interior decorator to help you to create a dramatic effect using contrasting colours. You can also go for letter art curtains for the windows to further elevate the literary environment in your home.

5. Add a Vintage Charm

Glossy covers of brand new hardbound books are charming, but the older books too have a certain charisma and vintage appeal to them. If you have a collection of older, vintage editions of literary classics, use them to add a rustic character to your living room or study space. While table tops are great to flaunt them, you can also stack them up alongside your newest collection on the open shelves.

Wrapping Up

Gone are the days when “bookworms” was a tag you never wanted to have. Today, being in love with books and showcasing that love in your personal living space is both desirable and trending. You can infuse your home with literature-inspired accessories, and include trendy modular furniture to serve as additional storage spaces.

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