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4 Tips to Make Your Home Interior Designs Look Like A Luxury Hotel

Make Your Home Interior Designs Look Like A Luxury Hotel by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

There’s a reason why we love hotel rooms. The grandness, the luxury and oh, the comfort! Don’t you wish that you could experience the same in your own house? Guess what, you can. Here are a few tips that can help you transform your abode’s interiors into a luxury hotel’s:

Get high-quality furniture

Hotels tend to use classy and oversized furniture which is usually made of wood. Have cabinets, wardrobes, chairs, tables and sofa which are a combination of traditional elegance and contemporary functions. As far as the bed is concerned, opt for the ones that are therapeutic in nature along with pillows, pillow covers and bed sheets made of fine-quality cotton.

Subtle color palette

Make use of subtle neutral tones to ooze the charm of a hotel in your house. You can select from a combination of blue-grey or choose white or soft beige.

Alluring lighting

Lighting fixtures in hotel rooms aggrandize the beauty of the surroundings. You need to install such lighting to further accentuate the appeal of your house’s interiors. Getting bedside lamps along with motion-sensor lighting for the hallway is another trick.

A fruity scent

Have a room freshener which has a strong fruity scent to rejuvenate your senses and pamper yourself. Placing candles and diffusers will also create a great aura.

A few other things

  • Antiques or local artwork
  • Stylish drapes
  • Potpourri

Lastly, you need to ensure that you don’t go overboard as hotels use things which are minimalistic yet extremely luxurious. If you want to ensure that you are successful in your attempt of bringing the hotel living experience to your home, get in touch with a professional home interior designer. Delhi has numerous A-class professionals who have relevant experience of meeting such criteria. Shortlist a few, share your expectations with them and they will help you for sure.

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