JHANSI, Area - 35000, Location - Jhansi,UP, The hotel was designed with the vision that starts and ends with nature, with physical and mental wellbeing at their core. The idea was to be sensitive to natural elements, to never overpower, to never control, but to let the building develop lasting durability and timeless form. Jhansi is not only a place for work & travel but also a hub for tourists with its rich cultural heritage and a history much talked about with respect to Rani Jhansi. The hotel overlooks her palace. Three room sets namely standard, premium & suites were created. All three had a distinct element of design and an experience of a lifetime to offer. The Premium rooms had a balcony deck overlooking the palace and suites were fairly large to accommodate couples with kids. The banquet, basement, reception & almost everywhere in the hotel, there is a reflection of history through art.

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