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Shruti Sodhi - Founder of Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Introducing the Founder

Shruti Sodhi, the founder of Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs, a luxury interior design firm, found her interest in the design field thanks to her affinity for architectural & design magazines, asserting her alignment to everything regal and stunning. A brilliant all-rounder from DPS she showed talent in multiple fields from a young age. Further, she studied English Accolades and Psychology from Shimla, during which she ventured into a career in modeling.

Dawn of Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs (SSID)

After graduation, she discovered a transit in her talents that were more suited to marketing. She soon launched her own jewelry brand, which met with a lot of hurdles, including reproductions of her own design without her consent. During these difficult times, she found herself drawn to many interior design magazines for comfort. That is when she decided to take her love for interior design and push it forward. She dedicated all her time and effort to the organization. What started as a basic interior design and decoration consultation agency soon grew into a big and popular interior design  company in Delhi NCR getting her elite clientele like the famous Marriott chain of hotels.  A few of her projects got featured in ‘Essential Home’ affirming her affinity to this field. She also then started designing her own range of Italian Furniture to add another layer of sophistication for her clients. Thus making her one of the most sought after interior designers of India.

Success path of SSID

Shruti got a plethora of sizable projects in India, which quickly rose her name to the creme in the field. The projects included a group of villas by the name Aqua Twins, The Greek, Buddha Vilas, Turkish Floors (Delhi), etc. These projects further facilitated her to get more projects all around the world. Her accolades include giving an extra layer of uniqueness thus making her design experiential with a dash of personalization. By making her own furniture, she has created a unique niche in the field of interior design and architecture. Her multifaceted persona amazes & inspires budding artists to explore & nurture their interests.

Work Ethics & Philosophy of SSID Team

According to her, inspiration is everywhere and courage is as important as effort. She has not one mentor in life, but she chooses to be inspired and moved by many designers. According to the process of design, the firm’s work evolves as a response to the client’s requirement site and budget. At every scale, their projects focus on the integrity of material and craftsmanship. Shruti and her firm work with zest & fervor to establish an impeccable relationship between the physical environment and the intricate art of interior design.

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