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This brainchild of Shruti Sodhi was established in 2012. Though relatively new, this interior design firm has got a string of feathers in its hat. Shruti has been an art nouveau since her childhood, she positively used her skills in pottery, painting, etc into her vision for her company. Initially, she kicked off her career in the glamour world but soon decided that she was better off leading her own team in the art and design industry. The firm’s principles revolve around keeping the client happy. They started with one client in Goa who was so delighted by their work, that the client, being a builder himself, hired the team to design all of his luxury homes in Goa. The firm also strongly believes in being flexible to be able to grow into an international institution. Shruti Sodhi Interiors stand for high-end design ethos & create modern contemporary niches whilst adding a tinge of classics in their design. The design team takes on every project with zest & fervour, involving all of their heart. They dedicate, time, effort, and love in their entirety to the project, till its completion. That is probably why they can not pick one favourite project. The firm had to go through some major modifications, they had to hire architects and civil engineers from time to time to be able to execute their project who can adapt to the precision they have. The company and Shruti herself are both extremely ambitious. In the little time that we have been working, we have been featured in multiple international publications, interviewed by radio and news channels. Our shot to success does not come as a surprise, due to our diligence & commitment to client satisfaction and most importantly commitment to self. Just 8 years after opening the firm in Delhi, we have worked pan India on multiple projects. We also make our own furniture giving our clients an authenticity and uniqueness that is only achievable by us. Recently we launched our own furniture range named, DaButterfly, thus making the firm a prime choice for luxury interiors and now, even furniture. It is no surprise that our company is growing exponentially. When you have an amazing leader, backed up by an amazing team and wrapped by a commitment to client satisfaction, the sky is literally the limit.

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