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Top 5 Interior Decor Ideas for Your Modern Bedroom Shelves

Bedrooms are the most essential part of your home. If the place where you are going to relax at the end of a hardworking day doesn’t have shelves for all your essentials then it can become very worrisome. There are some quirky and functional bedroom shelf designs which would steal everyone’s attention when they enter your bedroom. Some of them are as follows:

1.      Geometric Shelves

Want to add a bit of quirk to your bedroom? You can place geometric shelves of different sizes on the top of your bed which would be the focal point of your bedroom. Since they are mostly in box-like shelves, you can keep your books after you are done with your bedtime reads, your small collectibles, and more. The shelves can be painted with the contrasting colors which would make them pop up even more. You can choose from different geometric styles ranging from rhombus, triangle, square, rectangle, and even circles.

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2.      Side Shelves

Need more accessible storage spaces? You can add long shelves from mid roof till the floor on either side of your bed which would be very handy for you. All things would be within the reach of your hands and it would also look very trendy and unique. You can even keep picture frames of your loved ones and decorate the shelves with warm in-built lightings. Between the side shelves, above your head region, you can remove the shelves and add a big picture frame or any other wall hanging to make the space between the shelves appear full.

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3.      Floating Shelves

If you do not want to make your walls look congested, you can also add floating shelves to your room. This is ideal for people who want to keep their interior minimalistic as floating shelves only require ropes and wood planks. Every wood plank is connected with a single long rope which is hanged from the roof. This is also ideal for people who keep on changing their interiors as they can easily remove these shelves when they are going for a different decor.

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4.      Fishbone Shaped Shelves

If you want to drive the attention towards a specific wall, you can go for the fishbone shelves. These shelves are constructed in the shape of a fishbone which adds an edge to the interior of your bedroom. It is flexible, modular, and even artistic. Providing sharp angles to your room, you can keep them empty or even decorate them with minimum items of your choice.  You can also either make the shelf very big or keep it of mediocre size depending on the type of look you are aiming to achieve.

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5.      Invisible Glass Shelves

If you want to astonish your guests then you can go for invisible shelves. These shelves are made of crystal clear glass which is not visible to the naked eye at the first glace. So people would be initially under the illusion that the items kept on your shelf are floating in the air, making them question their eyes for a second. This is a very trendy and excellent idea that you can go for. You can create many small shelves in one wall in combination with different shades of glass and give a magical touch to your interior.

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If you are impressed by any of these bedroom shelf ideas, get your bedroom equipped with any one of your choice and stylishly solve the problem of keeping your nick-knacks. People residing in posh areas usually get their interior upgradation from time to time to make their space look innovative, beautiful without compromising the functionality.

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