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The Importance of Lighting in Hotel & Restaurant Interior Designs

If you own a restaurant or a dining establishment, you would probably be aware that a customer always comes first. Hence, the customer should always be able to experience excitement and a sense of gratitude from the food you serve. Contrary to popular beliefs, besides your food and service, there are numerous other factors that contribute to the overall experience of customer, many of which are elements related to the designing of your establishment.

Ironically, lighting is one of the most important, yet underestimated design element in an establishment. According to top hotel interior designers in Delhi, it is known to have a large impact on the dining experience your customer has in your establishment. Let us find out why lighting is so important?

1. Proper lighting sets the mood

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If you get into details, customers seek a different experience when they dine out. The trend is shifting from a fast food and drive through kind of experience to something that is more time consuming and emotional. People now prefer an experience that is more social. So, the lighting should be designed primarily for the customers and not for the establishment. A low subtle light better sets the mood for a fine dine experience while bright lights are more apt for fast food chains. So, it is imperative that you keep the customer experience in mind while choosing the lighting for your restaurant.

2. Proper lighting can boost the sales

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Just the way lighting helps in setting the mood, it can also affect the restaurant sales. By setting the right mood, the correct lighting ensures that the customer sits longer, which generally leads to a large order too. The longer your customers will stay in the restaurant, the more likely they are to spend more money. Besides that, a good lighting can help the food look more appealing. It is suggested to you place your lighting in such a way that it can create a dramatic effect to highlight the bar and food items.

3. The right kind of lighting will boost kitchen performance

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Preparing a good quality food can be quite a challenge in poorly lit kitchens. So, to make sure the quality of food is not compromised, the kitchen needs adequate amount of lighting. Not to mention that an adequate lighting is imperative for the safety of staff and food too.

4. Differentiate space with proper lighting

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Besides enhancing the look of the restaurant, lighting should also be able to serve a functional purpose. A restaurant is composed of different areas like waiting lounge, private dining rooms and the bar, all of which are important for the overall functionality of the establishment. All of these areas should ideally have different kinds of lighting so as to reflect the purpose of each area. For example, private dining areas should have dim lights to give a more intimate feel while an inviting feel can be achieved in the waiting area with bright lights. By differentiating the space with lighting this way, you can also make sure the space looks larger in size than it actually is.

5. Lighting has an impact on safety and security

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Lastly, lighting is essential to ensure the safety and security of customers as well as employees. Restaurants are so designed to accommodate a large number of people. But this could make it difficult in an emergency situation. Hence, there should be adequate emergency and backup lights. This will help the patrons to easily navigate the exit. It is also suggested to install outdoor sensory lighting which helps in keeping intruders away during late nights or early morning hours.

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