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Lucrative Restaurant Patio Design –Best Bets to Attract your Customers

A good place to dine becomes a perfect treat with culinary delights and a lucrative get up. Restaurants should have ideal combination of both to attract customers. Be it a space adjacent to home, garden or terrace – amazing and stylistic restaurant patio designing can turn them into a dining paradise.

What’s so special about a restaurant patio?

Outdoor space dining seems a lucrative option for many enjoying the natural splendors and the breezy caress of wind. It’s the current trend and exactly the reason why hoteliers and owners of restaurants are keen to incorporate patio dining experience for foodies.

Attract view of a restaurant patio - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

The gourmet experience at world-class hotels and top restaurant chains can be redefined by resorting to these coolest patio designs in the interior design & decor industry. The potential of the up market trend is being tapped by some of the best interior design firms in Delhi similar to their local & global peers.

1. The Wooden Wonder

The raw and rustic appeal of wood ensures an evergreen appeal. Enclosed in offices for longer durations the office goers in business hubs of top cities are just in love with such outdoor dining experience. In India some of the best highway restaurants are also emerging as quick-stop food destinations with such outdoor seating areas.

Patio Design with wooden furniture - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

2. The Metal Magic

In recent times, interior designers are witnessing a great demand in stylish, sophisticated and cool patio designs for restaurant to enhance footfall. Such metal furniture in combination with wood works its charm amidst a natural setting brought in by the green palms. Indeed a feast to the eyes and comfort to human senses.

Restaurant patio having metal furnitures - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

3. Contrast with Surrounding

You can convert an outdoor seating area adjacent to hotel lobby or home into a coffee shop or a favorite dining hangout by throwing in a dose of right kind of furniture and complementing it with choice of colors in furnishing. It all depends on your preference – you can go for vintage style or opt for the uber cool modern look.

The charcoal colored finish lends a unique, modern glamour to the entire outdoor setting as shown below:

Patio design with Contrasting Surrounding - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

4. Experimentation & Innovation

Furniture, color choice and restaurant lighting are three important aspects that can turn an ordinary space outside into a place of delightful bliss while you eat and drink.

Experimental restaurant patio designing - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

It’s the age of experimentation and most of the top interior design companies in India are leaving no stones unturned in this regard. Teak and aluminum are being combined to create unique dining chairs. Resin outdoor furniture and rattan furniture are also being opted for restaurant patio designing. Small patio furniture is also among the favorites.

Patio Furnitures - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs


Such trends are here to stay globally. Professionals all across the globe are quick to implement the coolest patio designs after chalking out innovative and lucrative restaurant patio designs exclusive to beachside restaurants, pool side bars or open-air eateries by the lanes or highways.

To maximize use of space and to have some outdoor fun time let your restaurant patio become a highlight of your business. The open air venues with your favourite food will turn your customer’s date into a dreamy affair as soon as they get seated.

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