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How to Add an Artistic Touch to Your Living Room

When contrasted with other rooms the living room of any house is always given a prime significance in terms of decor. As it is a place where you can sit with the entire family for entertainment like watching TV to playing carrom, a place for parties and of course a place to show to your guests and even friends. A majority of Home owners & family oriented people love to spend most of their time in living area. For some reason adding an artistic touch to this multipurpose place will draw the attention of guests by creating a dashing look to your space.

Being a citizen of India, you may get an advantage as India is a land of conventional art & culture. Some exceptionally famous interior design companies not only in India but foreign countries work with various art galleries & exhibitions and use their artwork in their projects. Let’s have a look at how a plain living room can be turned into a master piece with these artistic ideas.

1. Wallpaper/paint

Living Room with 3-D Wallpaper - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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The black & white interiors of this living room with a stunning backdrop creating an optical illusion are revamping the entire stylistic decor. Representing the feature wall with a unique artistic paint or wallpaper, rest of the space can be coordinated with a range of paints.

2. Lighting

Room with Traditional Lighting Decoration - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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This colourful vintage stained glass chandelier will brighten your nights & add an inspiration of nature during the day. These sure-fire conversation starters of your guests will offer a magnificent sense of history & aesthetic to your living room. Many modern firms are using such stained glasses in wonderful interpretations such as pendants for smaller spaces and even as dividers.

Living hall with modern lighting option - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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A living room designed in modern decor and equipped with these hanging soul solitaires of pure crystals are also giving a remarkable artistic look to this entire space.

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3. Sculpture/Painting

Using Buddha sculpture in home interior designing - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designing

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Though adding a cultural or religious symbol is a delicate subject but adding Buddha statues in India & many other Asian nations are still popular from an artistic point of view. Having a Buddha sculpture or painting at home is also considered to bring luck & prosperity.

The choice of art through paintings or sculptures will add a character to your room & would also define your personality.

4. Artistic Upholstery

Use of Modern Furniture in Modern Living Room - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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A mix of classical & modern influence in this living room with traditional nature inspired patterns in cushions & couch upholstery is reflecting the grandeur of this simple yet elegant living room. Through mixing of prints & colour combinations, this timeless traditional upholstery is imparting a feeling of WOW to this space.

5. Unique furniture

Use of unique furniture in Residential Interior Designing - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designing

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Discovering some unique pieces of furniture from a coffee table to couch or chairs will not just make it welcoming but interesting & beautiful. Installing a rack or horizontal slabs for books & other show-offs, keeping a vintage looking piano (if you do) and a traditional rug is bringing focus to this artistic living room.

Use of modern furniture to save interior space - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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If you need more creative ideas to renovate your space artistically follow the incredible decor tips & ideas shared by top 10 interior designers of India or from all across the globe on various social media platforms. We bet you’ll tempt for more.

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