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Floor Designs That Will Help You Make Your Dream Home, Completely Impeccable

Home is a place where stepping your foot is ought to let you be free of every bit of stress in your body and mind. It’s a place which you create for yourself in order to make it comfortable and perfect for your peaceful living. Talking of decor, flooring is the second best thing after walls, that reflects the personality of your home because the moment anybody steps in your home, they look at the floor and as it’s said “the first impression is the last impression, the impression your attractive floor gives stays on forever. In the world of home decor, there are hundreds of floor designs.

Some of the best interior design companies based in Delhi NCR region in India provide you brochures containing various floor designs that you can choose from and make your floor look divine. Alternatively, you can consult famous interior designers to help you choose. Here are a few beautiful flooring designs for a beautiful home:

Terrazzo flooring, profusion of colours on your floor

Terrazzo flooring - Shruti Sodhi Interior DesignsImage Source

The terrazzo flooring is a lot like mosaic flooring and is used in most traditional Indian houses as it provides a rough yet appealing look. It has patterns that are both colourful and monochrome. Basically it’s tiny pieces of stones studded in a common coloured base, mostly white or grey. This kind of flooring looks good on the walls as well. You can consider using it on kitchen or balcony walls. Apart from flooring, the terrazzo can also be used on the kitchen slabs to obtain a chalky and colourful pattern of stones.

Wood flooring for both, class & cold

Wood Flooring - Shruti Sodhi Interior DesignsImage Source

As classy as it looks, wood floorings have many other perks. For instance, they are very easy to clean and are very durable in nature. For cold areas, wooden flooring is proven to be the best as it keeps warm and therefore, you can walk barefoot on it and the temperature of the house also stays warmer than outside.  The maintenance of the wooden floor is also very easy, vacuum cleaning or polishing once in a while keeps it shining!

Shining Wooden Flooring - Shruti Sodhi Interior DesignsImage Source

Graphite flooring: dependable & modern

Graphite Flooring - Shruti Sodhi Interior DesignsImage Source

Graphite flooring is common as it is used in most houses but with some twists given, it can totally turn into an elegant looking floor. If you only want a wooden design but not wood, graphite can help attain that wooden look very finely. Pro tip: Graphite floors look great in the bathroom as it provides a soothing effect making your bathing experience relaxing.

The several designs of vinyl flooring for your perfect home

Vinyl Flooring

This kind of flooring is easiest to get and install as it has the peel and stick process. It’s available in plenty of designs, whether you want the good old-fashioned designer look on your floor or the wooden floor look that you didn’t want in graphite. You can also custom the flooring of your choice and get it installed within a few hours. Another advantage of vinyl flooring is that you can change whenever you feel like you need a new one.

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