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Color Scheme to Paint Your Bathroom to Silence, Sanctity, and Serenity

The start to a beautiful morning begins with a refreshing trip to the bathroom. Brushing up pearly whites and quick shower gets you going for the entire day. This space pretty much happens to be a serene place with no outwardly disturbances. It’s all about you enjoying few moments spent in tranquil lifestyle pleasures. How to make this place peaceful and serene, depends on what color you choose. And we all know that colors are great as mood changers. It is better to avoid strong and loud colors because that does destroy the purpose you have in mind. Stick to neutral color schemes if you want a feel of sanctity to your bathroom. Opting for vintage cream or birch are eclectic color options too.

Beige Colour Bathroom Interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Serene Color schemes that can redefine an otherwise ordinary bathroom:

  1. Soothing Blue- What about bringing the bright and beautiful feel of blue sky right inside the bathroom? The color blue is soothing to human mind and senses and hence bluish color scheme instantly turns your bathroom into a heaven of serenity. Matter of fact, bluish tone is preferred by leading spa hotels in India and abroad – so bring in spa essence right in your home.

Soothing Blue Colour Bathroom Interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

  1. Gray and White – Sounds dull but not boring. Gray and white colors are part of neutral color schemes that lend a contemporary touch besides making bathroom a serene place to spend few minutes before you start off your daily activities.

Grey Colour Bathroom Interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

  1. Pastel Color Schemes – They are lighter and brighter shades that impart a peaceful and feel- good factor to your washroom space. Light yellow, green, mauve and baby pink have a soothing and calming effect on human senses. So, you can try out these.

Pastel Colour Bathroom Interiors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

  1. Mosaic Wall Tiles are Good Replacement – Soothing hues of wall colors can magically transform the look of a simple looking bathroom. Hence, aesthetic color choice for bathroom is essential. If you want it different – do not paint. Instead get wall tiles for your bathroom. Try out cool and serene shades, for instance blue mosaic wall tiles look amazing.

Bathroom Interiors having Mosaic Wall Titles - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

  1. Go with Texture – There are multiple color choices – decide on color scheme, paint and architectural designs for your bathroom. Match floor tiles or marble according to the color scheme you have chosen. You can also opt for plain ones or the textured ones. White marble is a good option if you have opted for soothing blue as bathroom color scheme. You can even opt for cream and brown chequered tiles.

Modern Bathroom Interiors with textured designs - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

When every nook and corner is getting a makeover to match lifestyle needs, why should bathroom keep left behind in the race? Bathrooms need a special treatment because they reflect your lifestyle and your care for hygiene. Give it a spic-n-span look to enjoy refreshing moments here. Sparkling clean ideas are right at your fingertip – get in touch with top interior design firms nearby you. Well experienced professional interior designers and decorators at such firms play with color palettes to create amazing and impressive look for your very special place.

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