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Best 5 Simple & Sophisticated Interior Design Ideas for a Luxury Hotel Room

Modern hotels have adapted to the rapid social evolution in an intelligent way with innovative solutions. From the reassessment of the bedroom configurations to properly ensuring the finest personalized experiences, interior design companies in India are transforming the accommodation units into the focal points of any travel.

This post covers 6 simple yet sophisticated hotel room interior design ideas that have commonly shaped up the present-day hospitality scene.

1. Defining a wrap-around headboard

An effective technique adopted by famous hotel interior designers for designing your sleeping space and adding color and texture to your room is putting a distinctive wrap-around headboard in a variety of ways with unique styles and finesse.

Hotel Bed Room Interior - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

2. Putting in a comfy lounge area

Incorporating a lounge or a seating region in the room, will give a place, instead of the bed, for the guests to sit or unwind. How about creating this lounge an ideal spot to read, relax or enjoy your morning espresso? The layout can be an admirable camaraderie of a cozy couch, a comfortable chair and a small table.

Interiors of Lounge Area of a Luxury Hotel - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

3. Creating an illusion of a floating bed

A common and sophisticated styling method to offer your hotel room a futuristic feel is by planting lights underneath your bed so as to fabricate an apparition of a floating bed. This is easy to install and fills your room with both style and safety.

Image of a floating bed inside a hotel - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

4. Appending a bench at the bed end

You can consider laying a bench at the end of your bed in complete coordination with the bed essentials. It perfectly helps guests to keep their pieces of luggage, spread out the garments for the next day or be a decent place to sit for putting on your shoes.

A bench appended with bed in a luxury hotel room - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

5. Including a small and simple writing desk

It’s sometimes unknown to you when suddenly a touch of inspiration strikes and you simply need to make a note of some brilliant ideas. Some of the best interior designers in India take this point into account and ensure to position a small and compact writing desk in hotel rooms somewhere within the allocated space.

A desk for writing inside a luxury hotel room - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Interior design and decoration of The Manali Inn - a luxury hotel in Manali, India exhibited in this video shows specimens of exquisite interior design forms in a luxury hotel room, lounge, dining area and a bar. The overall design layout offers a unique hospitality experience with a predominance of intricately crafted and innovatively patterned wood work used to form the walls and the ceilings.

Each individual unit is spacious, cozy, elegantly built, brightly lit with antique chandeliers and ultra-modern lighting fixtures, superbly furnished with king-sized beds, plush sofa-sets in vivid hues, marble and wood flooring in abstract and geometric shapes, immaculate upholsteries, note-worthy wall paintings, exuberant gardens and landscaping, generous prevalence of diverse indoor foliage, large windows that bring the outdoors inside and last but not the least an attractive view of the lush green tropical mountainside.

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