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5 Creative Ways to Improve the Interior Look of Your Dining Area

Thinking of redefining your dining room for the special occasions? Well, let’s admit we all want to flaunt our style through our house and dining area is the best place to exhibit your style statement along with your culinary art. Doing interior of your dining area is a little tricky because you obviously need space there and you also don’t want it too dull. Even the best interior designers try that your space does not look congested and feels fresh and lively.  Here are few tricks and ideas which will add that extra stylish look to your dining area.

  1. Play with colours

Interior view of a dining room with different wall colors - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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Colors are the best way to pop up the mood of any space. Use bright colours to add the glam look to your dining space. You can also experiment with multiple colours and wall paints to glam it up. Also, dual colours and textures make the space occupied and lively. You can use one base light color and team it up with a bright blue or any other shade. Most of Delhi NCR based interior design companies in India recommend light colours to make space look bigger and the combination of the colours spices up the look. You can also add texture wall paint on a single wall keeping the rest of the walls simple with a light colour.  
  1. Add Greenery

Dining area with plant - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Followed by best interior designers across the globe, this is the most sought for trend in interior designing. Since, dining room is the place for food and drinks, adding plants to the dining area gives it a fresh look. You can also try out shifting your dining area into a place from where you can see greenery, besides your garden maybe. Plants add life to any space and what better place can you eat at, when you are surrounded with plant’s freshness.
  1. Add Drama

Dining room with painting which can be the center of discussion - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Adding drama simply means including decorative items which are high on creativity. Like a dramatic painting which can be the center of discussion while you dine with your friends. Large frames grab attention immediately and look super sassy when placed in proper light. You can also add items like art pieces like wood crafts and antiques in your dining area. These look absolutely classy and stylish and if you have a knack for antiques, then that’s cherry on the cake.
  1. Modern furniture

Interior look of a dining room with modern furniture - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designing

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If you look at the designs of famous interior designers, they seem not only stylish but they are easy on maintenance and are not too heavy. Opt for furniture which is light, spacious and is different from usual dining tables. Rustic textures are the new trends and they also give a vintage feel to the ambiance. If you go for light colours on the wall, then this is one of the best ideas to opt for. Rustic texture immediately gives the space a vintage class look. Also, you can opt for very delicate styled furniture which doesn’t occupy the view of the room, like flat dining tables.
  1. Make ample space for natural light

Dining room with ample natural light - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Most of the time, we undermine the importance of light when designing our dream home. Always keep room for natural light in the dining room. Add lights which are not too heavy on the eyes but are soothing to eyes. Do not add multiple coloured lights at the dining area. Keep it simple and let the colours of the room speak up for you. If this isn’t enough, reach out to us for more ideas on how to design this special space of your house where many of your discussions take place.

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