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Best 3 Office Interior Design Tips to Encourage Employees to Spend More Time at Work than Home

These days, it is not just work anymore but bringing the best out of manpower is on more priority. Since office interior design & decoration also play a major role for productivity of a company, most of offices are now more focused towards it. To deal with it, the renowned interior design companies are given the helm to liven up the office space. Well experienced Interior designers working at these top design companies would be able to implement their skills in making the space more favorable for employees to spend more time in. Everything would matter in this respect, from materials to the colors used. The layout itself throws in a vibe that impacts the employees and their mood, attitude, and productivity.

So, here are some tips for attractive and comfortable office interior design to make your employees spend more time at the workplace without losing productivity:

1. Flexibility in workspace

Each and every employee is unique and they all come in with their own sets of skills and preferences. Some might be a bit more collaborative than the other, but how would you accommodate such contradictions? Well, for starters, a flexible work environment would do. This flexibility should cater to the one who likes working alone as well as to the one who likes to be around people. Once they are liberated from any outward constriction, their productivity increases automatically. If flexibility is what your office wants to retain then embracing a flexible workspace won’t be a problem.

interior look of a friendly office workspace - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

2. Home is where the office isn’t

The idea here to make the office space compelling enough to give employees a sense of homely atmosphere. Home is something everyone identifies with but why can’t it be the same for an office? Most employees do find work from home compelling since the comfortability goes hand in hand with being productive. And to compete against this, the office space should identify itself with being comfortable. The comfort should lie in the inner ambience where the set up should discard cubicles and encourage open spaces where people can share insights and interact. The office space should also have couches, swings and bean bags which are staple symbols of homely aesthetics.

Home like environment at office - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

3. Privacy is the key

There is an invisible line between work life and personal life but there are times when they both overlap. Even inside the office space, rigidity on such an overlap might feel unwelcoming for the employees. Discarding the primitive structure, a room should be allotted to employees where they can feel like they are back in their own balcony. This room needs to emanate positivity with a décor that doesn’t shout “Go back to work”. Most offices do have a break room, but do they actually give privacy? These rooms should be sound proof where conversations won’t fly off to the next room like it usually does.

Office interior facilitating privacy - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

Some spaces offered needs to radiate comfort and nothing is as comfortable as a recreational room or a game room where the employees can take a break from the workflow. Stress is almost synonymous to the work you do and cafeteria on the corner might help the employees reduce stress. It is allegedly said that food consumption can help keep the workflow going since that deters the induced stress in the system.

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