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5 Popular Wood Flooring Trends in Interior Design & Decor Industry

We all have, at some time, adored those beautiful wooden floors in hotel rooms and cottages. Haven’t we? Well, the wooden floors are the new trend for houses. Some of the most famous interior designers based in Delhi NCR region of India are maneuvering this classy trend in their designs. If you too are thinking of making your home a style icon, this is one very elegant statement that you can choose for your house. The best part about the wooden floors is that is enough durable to stand for years and also completely change the look of your house. Here are some quick looks to the world of wooden flooring which will give you the right insight about how do you want your floors to look like:

  1. The classy black beauty

Wooden floor with classy black beauty look - Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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Believe it or not, the dark wood floors ruled strongly for years and they are still ruling over hearts. They just not look elegant but also adds a depth to the whole look of the house, specially when paired with light coloured accessories, furniture. It just accentuates the luxury and sophistication that you have been looking for. If you go to top interior design company in India, you will find that this is the most recommended style when it comes to wooden flooring for large spaces.  
  1. The natural hues

Resembling natural hues by wooden flooring - SSID-Blog-Oct'18

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Wooden flooring is as fancy as you can imagine and are as beautiful when they look natural. Perfect for homes, the natural looking wooden floors make space look brighter and give it a more breathing look. Perfect for small houses, the natural finish accentuates the warmth of the house.
  1. The scrappy finish

Scrappy finish look using wooden flooring -SSID-Blog-Oct'18

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In India, the best interior designers will always look for detailing while defining a statement to the designs and flooring. The scrappy finish or hand wired look of wooden floor is what we are talking about here. This style of wooden flooring is used by top interior designers in India to define the style statement of the owners of the house. The use of minute detailing engineered by hand wiring and scrapping adds an exceptional texture to the floor.  
  1. White and grey

Wooden Flooring with White & Grey shades by SSID

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Colors like White and Gray have been another trendsetter in wood flooring. Redefining how we see wooden flooring, interior designers have set a new style statement with white and grey. The neutral colours have been welcomed well by those who absolutely love being stylish, classy and enjoy the luxury.  
  1. The magic of matte

Wooden Flooring in a home with matte finish touch by Shruti Sodhi Interior Designs

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If you are not amazed by the glaze of your wooden floor then this is just for you. The matte finish wooden floors are practical because of its comfortability to walk on and this also covers up wood imperfections, if any. These stay consistent over time and keep looking naturally beautiful as they are.

Share your favorite style out of these above? Get one of those beauties to style your house and wait for the elegance it brings along, to win hearts.

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